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First Mothers day

14 May

On Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and packed us a breakfast of some sandwiches and carrot/mango juice. As I was dressing Ani, R dropped an envelope addressed to me from ‘Ani’ since it was Mothers day. It felt amazing! We then set out for a small walk to the neighborhood park. We had a great time, sitting on the benches and munching on my homemade Baked potato, Carmelized onions and Pesto sandwich’ .  Of course we had to head back soon since the baby wanted to sleep. All in all it was an awesome start to the day! I get such a kick out of having a picnic.

p.s- Next time around I am packing thrice the amount of sandwiches though. R was famished by the time we got back home. I wallowed in wifey guilt for a while…


How pregnancy lowered my immunity..

1 May

I used to get sick once a year. That was before pregnancy. Now I am falling sick every month it seems. I have been sick from last evening and I am not getting ANY relief. I was feeling so blessed 3 days back and raving in my private journal. Now I am cranky , angry , exhausted, sick and just want to feel normal. Want to skip work tomorrow. 😦

Oh and on that note, can we get rid of the stigma that sick people should Work from home JUST ONE DAY(And to top it all I had to goto for 2 hours today)? I need a week to get over my infection. Seriously. One look at my pathetic face should have shown you how I feel. American workplace be damned.

Why do I get hungry at 3:30am?

28 Apr

I can’t wait for my early morning hunger pangs to go away. It is ridiculous, having to get up at 4am and eat all kinds of unhealthy snacks. Bourbon cream biscuits and leftover Vadams be cursed. Bananas-> I want thee but I finished the last one of thou kind just yesterday.

But I must feels good to be up and not have the baby awake as well..heheh


12 Apr

Some heavy objects fell on my head last night and I feel wuzzy. My head feels so heavy and I just want to sleep. I hope my brain didn’t suffer too much.

My happy place is 500 miles away

23 Mar

My irritation at having to live in San Jose is at an all time high. I’ve lived in 4 places in the past 10 years (Chennai, Lexington, San Diego and San Jose). Of these four I’d say that San Diego is the most beautiful! Every weekend was amazing and there were so many things to do that didn’t involve a minimum 45 minute drive. Apparently it only rains during weekends in SJ (again this is true for the next 2 weekends in SJ). In winter its mind numbingly cold without the chance of snow. During peak summer I feel like I am in an oven . The stark desert like landscape that greets my eye, especially on the drive from home to work, does not appeal to my happy nature. The only thing to do is shop but this  gets boring too soon. ARgh! I’ll stop my rant now.

The things my dreams are made of

13 Mar

My mind is completely inert. The rain this weekend dampened my spirit. Being cheated of my weekend, I sit here and dream of wildflowers, wearing beautiful sandals with sparkly gems, eating fruit custards and playing with my baby. But most of all I want to relish in bright sunlight. So bright that my eyes would hurt and my heart would sing.