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Lavash sandwich with fresh hummus .

11 May

This is the easiest thing to throw together and the best thing is you can choose the level of scratch-ness.


Fava Bean Hummus:

Grind Fava beans blanched & double peeled – 1 lb + garlic (2 cloves)lemon juice ( 2 Tbsp) + salt + olive oil (2 Tbsp) + cilantro (1/2 cup loosey chopped) + Tahini (2-3 Tbsp)

Tahini sauce: (Can buy readymade)

Grind Sesame seeds – 2Tbsp + salt + lemon juice + sesame oil(2 Tbsp).

Refried Beans : (Can buy readymade,)

Dry pinto beans soaked & cooked + garlic (1 clove) + cumin + salt

Fry onions and wait till they brown, add the well cooked beans & cook until done. Mash with a heavy ladle.


3 Avocadoes, flesh scooped out & mashed + 1/2 cup tomatoes + salt


Spray with oil & toast.

Assemble lavash, add a scope of beans , guacamole, pour hummus on top & add cheese/sour cream. This is beyond yummy!

For an extra kick, spray oil and bake the lavash at 425 for about 10-15 mins or until the lavash hardens. Then break them into small pieces and toss everything together like a salad.




Menu Planner

30 Apr

Per Mk’s request here are some recipe ideas. The ones highlighted in yellow are the ones I make frequently.



Quick Recipes

29 Mar

This blog doesnt have much viewership/comments but I am actively looking for quick things to cook. Here is our dinner staple. This week and next week I am eating lunch outside(hangs head in shame). I dont have time to make lunch for next day despite the fact icook dinner in 30 mins or less.

Weekday recipes: These are the following which take least time that I have to put in , nevermind soaking times.

1) Upma – 2 mins to roast rava + 5 mins to chop veggies + 10 mins to ‘cook’.

2) Semi kichadi – same as above.

3) Adai – 5 min to soak + 2 mins to grind + 5 mins to add chopped veggies. Making them is a breeze.

4) If I have batter

  1. Idli – 5mins prep . 5 mins for chutney.
  2. Dosa – No prep. Making directly , but have to make more.
  3. Uthapam – 5-10 mins to chop veggies but

5) Pulao – Hubs chops veggies. I soak rice in the meanwhile nad grind masala. Takes 15 mins to finally close the lid.

6) pasta/soup – i have stopped making these (maybe do it once a month) because it takes 20 mins for me to chop veggies for either.

See? I dont seem to spend much time cooking. So where am I going wrong? Why dont I ever have time to make lunch for next day? How do I multitask? Its a pain in the bum to drive out to get food (my cafetaria food sucks majorly).

Happy Pongal!!

14 Jan

This has been a wonderful year. I feel so blessed! To celebrate we have engaged in a food fest. Yesterday for bhogi we had ‘Ven Pongal’, ‘Kathirika Gothsu’, ‘Akaravadisal’ and ‘Kovil thayir saadam’. Today we had ‘chakarai pongal’, ‘kadamba kuzhambu’, ‘vaazhakai karamidu’ with saadam. Keeping up with our customs , I dyed a thread yellow and tied manjal around the paatharam in which chakarai pongal was made. How was your pongal? What did you do to make it special?

Edit: Yesterday for Kanu ( On Tuesday) I made avial, puliyodarai and pudina sadam. At 9pm I realized that I’d forgotten to keep Kanupidi. So what did I do next? Keep kanupidi. 🙂 All in all it was a proper pongal this year with 3 days of gourmet food. Maybe that is why Ani got sick last night.


14 Dec

I haven’t blogged here in such a LONG time! That doesn’t include posting obscene amounts of baby clothes.

Lets see, first I was managing to stay afloat after Ani’s grandparents left, then I was travelling and then it has taken 2 weeks to just settle in. Phew! Parenthood is hard.  The last couple of weeks hubs and I have been so busy with rearranging the house, entertaining family, had a mini-celebration for Ani paapa, getting the house treated for silverfish, grocery shopping since our pantry was empty, unpacking 4 giant suitcases from India and discovering a serious space crunch (Next time I am going to take 3 giant duffel bags and one suitcase from here. On the way back I will stuff all the duffel bags into the suitcase) . Imagine my surprise today morning when I realized our home looked like New Orleans after Katrina. So much stuff. I put away some coats , caps etc.. to donate.


Anyway, with all of this going on we have been eating scrap meals except on saturdays and sundays when I try to get some good food. Think Rava idly, pasta with quick sauce and cheese, Upma, idly, dosai etc… Yeah, we’ve been in food hell. Part of the blame lies with how tired I have been. I had so much energy back home in India and here the cold weather has sucked so much happiness out of me. I broke the spell last night with this FANTASTIC recipe from the talented Heidi. I think this is the 5th time I mention her name. I honestly feel that she is the ONLY food blogger out there who cooks real meals. I always wonder if some bloggers cook the stuff and then eat a quarter of what they make (or they’d die of cholesterol and sugar problems) or if they toss if out entirely or if it is all in jest. The recipe is so versatile that my whole foods bought pre cut butternut squash worked perfectly! The mister took a photo and I will post it soon.

Weekend Photos

10 Jun

Baked multigrain pasta with summer veggies

Cherry pie with flaky crust


Cherry Pie Recipe:

Crust Recipe:

Pasta Recipe:

For the pasta I used store bought chunky marinara (From Wholefoods).

Time to visit the kitchen again

6 Jun

I am warning you, this will be a long-winded post. Read on!

I’ve not experimented in the kitchen for a while. My excuses

a) MIL is a great cook so there is no need.

b) I am lazy.

c) MIL loves cooking and I don’t want to deprive her of the opportunity . 😀 Am I lucky or what?

d) We’re going totally Indian these days and for some reason I prefer to bake cakes, bake other goodies, make sandwiches with everything, roast on stove top, roast in the oven get the idea.

e)I don’t want to go in the kitchen and make regular dishes because that feels like a chore and let’s face it..that will be the case in 3 months time.

Anyway I can go and on forever but I’ve decided to try some stuff this weekend.

Last summer I used to try cooking with a vegetable out of my comfort zone. I tried some more in April and May. Some of my favorites:

  • Purple peppers
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Swiss Chard
  • Kale
  • Bok Choy
  • Fennel Bulb
  • Leeks
  • Purple Cauliflowers
  • Acorn Squash
  • Spaghetti Squash (to be fair my mom came up with the idea)
I’ve been thinking about interesting vegetables etc..  I’ll probably pick up something that departs from my normal style and try it again.
Ideas swimming in my mind:
Baking / Roasting:
  •  Try a baked pasta with just 2 cups of cheese (I know that sounds like a lot but believe me,2 cups of cheese for a 9×13 inch pan is very little since it makes 6-8 servings)
  •  Make my fennel sandwich again but on a wrap. It gets interesting. I’ll probably try a lavash bread and see how it goes.

I am debating on whether I should try a squash or a green . If I go with the kabocha I’m thinking of making a soup . If I use the green I’ll probably do a salad .

If you have a recommendation please leave it in the comments (along with a recipe if you’ve tried it) .