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Making it stick

14 Jul

I have made a lot of changes in my life. It has been an eventful few years in pretty much all fronts of my life. I tried to be in the flow, meditate , try timing budgets per day, stay active, keep extremely busy, try new things (sometimes bordering on the absurd and too embarrassing to share on this blog), try to stay positive etc.

Some things have stuck. That said, I have a hard time making several other habits stick. So how did I manage to make the changes above? My life’s defaults have changed, some permanently and for the better. I need to understand what caused them and adapt them to other fronts. I am interested in tips on making such everlasting changes, share if you have any!


30×30 challenge

7 Jul

I am about 5 years Late but hey I am 27 days into the challenge. I can’t wait for it to be over because i don’t enjoy the restrictions I have imposed on myself. That said the photographic proof is there now  . 30 pieces suffice . I have 3x that amount .

Did I learn something ?I hate to admit it but I had to confront the truth about my wardrobe . It means I KNOW now that my closet is 97% complete . Seriously there are only 4 things I lack to remix what I currently own and not have the feeling that I am repeating too much . Only 4 things that I ( others may think twice about the lack of heels / red color / green color etc in my wardrobe ) reached for that I don’t have . A brown belt , a black layering piece , a colorful bag and a pair of colorful flats. Everything else is just me being greedy. Sigh!!!