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x goals before x

22 Jun

Huh? you say?

x=your age.

Ah! You guys…I am attempting one this year. I put together x number of goals , some mini/low-impact , some life shattering , some achievable and some definitely-not-happening goals until my next birthday.  I am not mentioning them specifically since I am not one to say “DO this” . At least not anymore. Who is to say my goals are good enough for the populace in general? However, they are good enough for me.

Now, like I mentioned above, 2 goals are not going to happen. I realized that as I was putting together the list (it took me 6 days to come up with them, go ahead laugh at me). It feels very sobering to write this but I am old enough to understand what is in my comfort zone, what is outside and what is so far from my comfort zone that it feels like a dot in the nano range. I want them in there so that I can remind myself that not all things are achievable and there is a limit to ‘me’. If you didn’t laugh earlier, here is another cue.

I have a theme for this year. Brighten. Here is how why this happened. A month ago I found a spider under a toilet brush holder in my bathroom. Usually I scream, then grab a broomstick and whack it. As it happened I decided to let him stay there until he bothered me. He stayed there for 2 weeks before annoying me. I whacked him. Case closed. Only no. Another spider occupied the abode. I waited a week before whacking him. A week later, a mini third one decided to make it his home. I started wondering why? Why did bad things keep moving in there? why were they attracted to the dark place ? Because every time I got rid of them, the dark place still existed. It reminded me of my mind. It does not suffice to just get rid of dark thoughts. It is essential to make my mind bright and let in positive thoughts. Only by changing the landscape can I prevent negative thoughts from entering.  So there you go, this the year when I cultivate a better healthier mind.

I managed to turn a motivating goal post into a dull philosophical one but I am growing old folks. By the way, if you were wondering about Hari (mini spider) he still is hanging around. Atleast a week old now. Sigh!


Everlane review

12 Jun

I have no idea if anyone is reading my blog at this point but I am still determined to get the truth about Everlane’s shitty clothes out there. I know that most blogs push everlane as THE place to buy basics. Yes, its easy to find one store to buy everything in my checklist. But how does the quality fare? A big fat zero my friends. In the past year I’ve purchased 6 items from Everlane. A silk tank, 3 cotton tees, a merino wool knit and a linen tank. All were purchased with my own money . Thereby you can rely on me for some truth.

Cotton quality: All 3 of my t-shirts have gotten comically large in the past year. I know that cotton shrinks after the first wash and then sort of billows later on but this was unexpected. It wouldn’t be that ridiculous if you forget that they are larger on me post partum than before my pregnancy. Yes, my thoughts precisely. $17-$20 was the average cost of the tees. Threw out the black one after 10 wears.

Knit quality: Admittedly I only have one piece of merino wool knit or silk to complain review about but hear me out. It has magically begun pilling (very mild) after 3 wears WITHOUT washing. Sigh..I did use a fine comb to remove them but they are going to require SO much babying in the next few years. $65 on sale you guys. Consider me pissed. Do you know who makes better quality knits? Joe fresh. Merino wool sweaters for $20 a piece. 60. That’s the number of times i’ve worn my olive green sweater before discarding it.

Silk quality: Moving on to my top most hated category. I wore the “silk” (HAHA I might as well get some laughs for my money) tank thrice before hand washing it like I do with all my other silks. It went in the way of Amanda Mcready, I mean gone baby gone! It is thoroughly wrinkled. There is a slightly visible stain, from what? That I do not know. It is not from any food particle. Perhaps the tank has some super power wherein it attracts stuff to result in nasty stains. If that seems far fetched to you, my next best  guess is the air that we breathe. Yesterday I heated my iron and tried to salvage it. It seems wearable now. But do you know what silk is supposed to be? Its a tough , semi-breathable fabric . $65 for low quality crepe. If you are in doubt, ask my $50 Ann taylor tank which I bought in 2010 and have worn atleast 20-30 times. It is in pristine condition by the way and will last another decade.

The linen tank has been the only saving grace for a such a widely acclaimed company. It seems durable and  the white has not faded . But I remain skeptical of Everlane. My 2 cents. Don’t waste your money supporting this dubious retailer.