2 weeks in…

31 May

I find it extremely hard to stick to my goals 2 weeks in. During memorial sales events I was tempted by so many things having somewhat regained my pre pregnancy size. But I desperately needed work wear bottoms and wanted to buy several pairs of pants/jeans. Finally I bought 1 after hemming and hawing for 3 days. I have exactly 4 pairs of fitting pants now. The other 8 are mocking me while languishing in my closet.

June, will see my birthday and anniversary. What about my anniversary gifts? What about the fact that my most favorite top is coming apart? Also, given the change in my postpartum body, is this the right time for such an approach? Maybe not, but will it ever be the right time? I do plan on relaxing my goal to allow for undergarments . God knows, the last thing I need at this point is guilt over a pair of replacement panties.

Right now I am at 6/12 items. I am still going to attempt to stick to my goal. I’ve been taking outfit photos and realized I’ve been wearing the SAME pants over and over. I told myself that if I fail and end up with 30 items that is still 82 less than last year and I will have to feel good about that. Peace out.


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