Recommitting to a new approach in 2017

19 May

I’ve been very silent on this blog especially on one of my favorite hobbies, fashion. I started this blog after my daughters birth to share my love of all things girly. The truth is that pregnancy reminded me yet again about how unsustainable this hobby is. Fast Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. IT is also an industry which supports a ton of livelihoods through sweatshop like conditions. I’ve felt guilty about both. In fact this is extended to all aspects of my life. I have tried very hard to justify purchases of “cute new things” across the board (Kitchen, toys, organization etc). I have been re-purposing shoe boxes, sheets, glass containers etc. The hardest part is toys to engage kiddo.

I’ve looked at certain minimalist blogs and find them really hard to follow. No, I am not going to downsize and live in a 500sqft apt and throw out every single thing I own. I still have decor on my wall, books, furniture, appliances etc. Throwing out everything is not practical to me. However, I am willing to change my mindset to consume needlessly. Reducing waste is interesting to. I will no longer throw out brand new things which could be loved by someone else. I definitely have to read more on this subject.

That said, since the end of February I started slowly shopping again. My approach has been for a lack of better term better.This time around, I have been sourcing items from sustainable luxury options. After a few months , here is my experience.

In 2016, I added 112 new things . This includes every single purchase such as Clothes(including scarves), lingerie, handbags, jewellery / watches and shoes, makeup, skincare and books. Its perhaps not a terrible number. In 2017 so far, I have added 12 things for myself in the past 12 weeks. That is almost 1 thing a week. However only 5 of them are new. 5 new things in the first 5 months of the year. Maybe I can restrict myself to 7 new things for the next 7 months this year? TO be clear , I can participate in purchase of consignment goods. Ok, even if I can, there are problems with this approach. All I am doing is deferring participation in the consumerist cycle . I am also depending on over-consumption by others. This is definitely not a long term solution. What would that be? Don’t buy any non-essential and waste less. In the meanwhile I am content with my resolve to restrict myself to 12 new things this year. Wish me luck!











2 Responses to “Recommitting to a new approach in 2017”

  1. Meenakshi Panchapakesan May 27, 2017 at 6:04 pm #

    Fantastic!!! Good luck…

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