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Walking away

26 Jul

Over the past few months I’ve bit my lip extra hard when experiencing rude behavior because of who I am (insert caste, race, country etc.) , not because of my actions. It is very hard blaming some people though because they seem to directly reflect their parent’s opinion or a popular politically incorrect opinion. I can’t dislike┬áthem but I can dislike the actions. Here is a theorem:

For every race, religion, country, <insert differentiator> there will be a subset of jerks. Infact some SAHM’s are jerks, some working moms are jerks. These people will discriminate based on something which can be utterly baffling to normal folks. A common thought is to take it personally . Such actions reflect only on the wrong doers part.Walking away and smiling at the ignorance is a decent way to tackle such kind of pettiness.