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Mini Goals..

16 May

1)Do Classes ÔÇô DONE! Attended 4 vinyasa yoga classes ­čÖé

2) Complete mini-me projects – DONE! (1 board game from scratch, decorated the room with her and spending plenty of time during our vacation)

3) Positive workaround – My hardest goal this time┬áNEUTRAL. I dont know, I had both positive and negative moments. There were 2 particular moments when I was calm and assumed that the attendant had a bad day. There were atleast 3 moments when I was quite irritated. It is super hard to be empathetic towards people who treat you like crap based on your age/sex/race)

4) Donate either 3 hours of time or $100 (probably to Akshaya patra org) – FAIL.┬á1hr donated. $50 bucks donated so far. will do $17 more

5) Read/Listen to a work of fiction and one of non-fiction -> 1/2. Dan Ariely’s “the upside of irrationality”. Couldnt finish pulp fiction “l.A dead” because I started reading it at a cabin and had to leave for hte next one.

Oh And for the new experience..2 words: Spin Class!┬áIt was intimidating to be in a class where I was one of the fatter ones ..(HAHA)…..AND where everyone had abs at the minimum and upto 6 or 8 pack. ┬áNot kidding or exaggerating, this is a fact.

I am giving myself a score of 3/6. Huh, next months goals.

  1. Start learning a new language
  2. Learn a new skill
  3. Spend an unplanned day with no scheduled stuff. I’ve scheduled an activity or errand every day in the past year so this is going ┬áto be the most challenging goal this time.
  4. Go 30 days without buying a single WANT thing in categories such as clothing/skincare/home related purchase etc -This is my 2nd attempt in the past 1 year to do a 30 day fast on everything (could be a $1  nail polish) that is a want and its very hard. Last year I made it to 12 days before buying an earring. This time I am on day 17. 13 more days!
  5. No processed food for atleast 20/30 days until Mid-June.
  6. Stay away from distracting mediums like facebooks/forums/ etc.

As always, look forward to one new experience !

Edit: The past 2 weeks hve been super rough. Extending goals to end of June. Lets see.