5 Mini goals and one Mega goal

13 Apr

I’ve seen several bloggers use this template to create and track mini goals. This is a fantastic piece way to document and retrospect on day to day life. Also, there are some long pending tasks or life goals that I never seem to have time for. This is a good starting point.

New Goals:

1)Do Classes regularly – Try to do 4 between now and May 13.

2) Complete a few projects with kid as way to spend quality time with her.

3) For the following situation employ a positive workaround:  “X said something bad or did something bad”. Assume X is at a low point and be charitable and amiable. Document instances.(X could be myself)

4) Donate either 3 hours of time or $100 (probably to Akshaya patra org)

5) Read/Listen to a work of fiction and one of non-fiction


Repetitive themes:

Every month, identify and incorporate a thing that I would never do – I did try something in March but more on that when I do the April Update



One Response to “5 Mini goals and one Mega goal”

  1. The Phoenix April 28, 2016 at 8:32 am #

    I like these! Specifically because they are no vague and say exactly what you will be doing! Good luck..

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