The Extrapolation Connundrum

14 Mar

Humans are strange. We know this. People get irritated by the internet, random blogs, forums, at what others say, at other people’s action, at themselves etc. But the strangest thing is getting annoyed by somebody’s perceived response. This is similar to attributing motives to someones suggestions. “I know x and x who would think this at this situation (although this was never explicitly discussed with that x)”. This is a really bad idea because it will hurt the thinker the most. Some scenarios:

-> Mothers who breastfeed and wear their babies probably will support cloth diapering and the consumption of organic food (Not true)

-> Working moms will probably be more into career and business trips (I personally have said no to business trips) . SAHMs will not support extending maternity leave and prefer lazing around (100% of my close friends are looking for a job or studying or have already found a job and all of them will vehemently support women’s rights. Or I might just be friends with nice people in general)

-> Well educated people are likely to be sophisticated.

Anyway, one of the reasons I bring this point is that I have been thinking a lot about relationships and people. In my younger days I used to get along with 10% of my acquaintances. Currently I get along wit h over 90% of the people I meet. The change is due to the realization of a simple fact. If 2 persons can be treated like 2 logical sets, then the venn diagram will show that there are points of difference, but given a certain amount of education, state of living, country/city of living and the presence of an offspring, the overlap is bound to be as large as the non-overlap. Another key point is that the venn diagram is with respect to closed sets. Since we don’t possess the entire knowledge about someone , it is advisable to keep our mind open and underscore the commonalities.


2 Responses to “The Extrapolation Connundrum”

  1. samakris March 18, 2016 at 5:48 pm #

    A great concept. Reminds me of the sage advice to be childlike. A child has no burden of history, memory,past grudges. No habit of simmering anger and bitterness. No ego of “tolerance and forgiveness “.

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