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On creative people and opinions

29 Feb

A foot injury  comes with a set of perks. One is that low physical exercise implies more energy that can tapped into mental exercise. This is me in a nutshell these past few weeks. A lot of “free” time means there are a lot of thoughts brewing in the mind cauldron.

A tangent that I often revisit is on the subject of varying opinions on several matters. Of course, opinions are like hair, everyone has a ton. Is choosing a side indicative of decisiveness or stubbornness? What about agreeing with both sides of an argument? Is it indecisiveness or steadiness? Isn’t it more valuable to see both sides of a point? The former is thought to indicative of a strong personality and the latter is considered a generally affable quality. After reading a few different takes by psychologists on this I will summarize my thoughts:

Common people typically choose one side or support both sides. A second type remains wishy washy and will choose the midpoint between both and support that. However the creative individual  is in-between. Such individuals have a complex personality and will be at times decisive and at times indecisive. This is because they are capable of the entire range of traits that multitude of people possess. All those who don’t possess the trait could still be creative.

That said, in his book , a leading psychologist refers to truly creative people i.e people whose name will go down in the annals of history for making novel contributions to humanity. He insists that there is no single uniting demographic , rather certain similar characteristics.  This is highly appealing because it ties in with the notion that creativity can occur everywhere , only a spark is needed. Do you agree?


Jan/Feb/Mar Closet Additions

24 Feb

Ann Taylor Leather Boots

London Fog Trench (Similar)

Ermanno Scervino Tweed Jacket

Kate Spade Cedar Street Small Hayden

Feel like I shopped sooooo much but have little to show for it. March is going to be super low key month  since I am teetering near my budget . Still, Kate Spade FTW.

Edit: I am shifting my budget around so that I will have a seasonal budget instead of quarterly. it just makes more sense. Also, this will be my last post on this topic. I seem to be well on track and my work wardrobe is 50% where I want it to be.

Being in the flow

16 Feb

I’ve scarcely composed/read blogs this past month. Although at first I felt I was uninspired that isn’t true.I am not stressed. I don’t worry about folks who judge me through a snapshot or a tiny window of their interaction with me be it office or home even if their job requires such a verdict be made(a superior needing to evaluate a subordinate). I used to wonder whether it was working or cooking or painting or exercising that makes  me experience positive emotions. However its not about the emotions, rather the state of optimal living which is in agreement to me.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined the flow theory which talks about the highly focused mental state which arises as a result of single-minded immersion. Living life this way is highly harmonious to fellow human beings. It dramatically improves overall satisfaction in life. I often find myself emerging from having been in the zone. It could be at work accomplishing a challenging task, could be at home while entertaining the kiddo, could be while cooking which is a highly focussed task for me. The nice aspect is that it is subjective to each individual.

I saw this comic strip which shows a line up of some 15 odd jungle animals.There is a man who shouts “First animal to cross the finish line wins!!!”. There is humor in attempting to evaluate the 15 animals through a single yardstick. That is today’s world. If you don’t do a 100 things you are assumed to be “last” whatever that means. But this flies in the face of critical  thinking. One of the things I often try to do but fail miserably is to shift the focus from negative thoughts, other peoples negative opinion or treatment of me. No, what is needed is to think about them, then simple move on to more engaging tasks. If you have found yourself in the flow (lost track of time, achieved something , stay focussed on the task) I would love to hear what you were doing . If you often achieve such a state,I would love to learn some techniques.