December / Year in review

30 Dec

December was a bad month for me in terms of wardrobe . Why ? 3 leggings of mine ripped (from India) and my favorite black skinny jeans/pant came apart in a week’s time. I ran to Uniqlo and picked up a Camel colored legging ($32) to ensure not going pantless to work.. Also picked up a pencil  skirt for $7 (down from $78) from Marshalls .

The last shopping trip of 2015 saw the addition of a Suede mint flats ($63) and a sheath dress ($11) . I was also gifted a black pant and burgundy belt by my SIL. Thats about $113 for this month.

I really like having an account of what I bought this past year.  I noticed that 4 items from this year (Keds/dolman top/sequin sweater/peplum top) don’t get any use. All 4 were ‘risky’ online orders. That means I ordered them inspite of knowing from the size chart that it might not fit me. That’s about $100 worth of clothes/shoes that will be unused. That is 6% of my purchases since March.I never had a shopping problem to begin with. I also don’t have a cohesive closet and nothing goes with anything else so keeping track has helped me immensely.

Also both the boyfriend jeans I purchased this year get used maybe once a month . I won’t buy this fit anymore.

That said, being accountable on this blog if only to myself has really helped. I wear every single thing that I bought this year routinely. I especially LOVE my November purchases although they are the most boring of the lot. They go with everything.

I think $2000 per year is plenty for me. Next year I will stick to my $500 per quarter plan but I wont accumulate more than 10 pieces per quarter. That is a lofty goal and one I set because I want fewer things in my closet which a) Must not shrink b) Must not pill c) Must not fade d) Must especially not rip 2) Must only be Cotton/Wool/Linen/Leather/Silk.

One of my thoughts for this year is to have a wardrobe shopping list similar to a grocery shopping list. This should simplify the process of getting ready. Some of the things I feel that are missing in my closet right now: Colorful Peacoat/jacket , Black riding boots, brown flats.


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