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Meditation and other self medication

18 Nov

Is meditation a feasible solution for handling stress? I hope so. It took me 3.5 months to motivate myself and after much deliberation I tried and managed to meditate for exactly 4.5 minutes today. I just can not sit still.It is easier to run around, work out and be active .

I wonder if most humans really shed our simian ancestral trait. Passive qualities don’t manifest that easily. I hope it will come in time. I know only one person who meditates and he claims that it helps in staying calm, reducing temper and in pursuing a less material life.

I read a very interesting article about setting life goals . The author is a self made young deca-millionaire . Based on his suggestions I am penning my life goals:

  1. Be less shallow – a) Will go 30 days without buying new material stuff. b) Will spend less than 1 percent of time thinking about buying new stuff .
  2. Help the less fortunate – a) Volunteer in the season of sharing or b)Donate substantially to my favorite cause
  3. Do a kind deed a day – This will be simple. Bring fresh mochas for Ani’s daycare teachers or let some cut in front of me while driving or help mentor a struggling co-worker etc.

I wont list material goals like career/life because thats active in the mind. My mind deserves a swift  kick to bring forth thoughts that have been kicked to the curb for not being important.


November spending 

8 Nov

I am creating this blog post hoping that it will curb any more shopping excursions. It’s finally fall weather here and I decided that I needed the following in my wardrobe. I actually made a list of things to buy and stuck to it . (For the most part )

Uniqlo Merino wool dark grey cardigan

Uniqlo Merino wool tan boyfriend cardigan

Old navy dark grey skinnies

Old navy khaki / tan pants

Joe fresh Merino wool black v neck top

Joe fresh Merino wool olive green v neck top

Joe fresh Merino wool grey v neck top

Joe fresh Merino wool grey boyfriend cardigan

Ann Taylor black v neck cashmere sweater

Ann Taylor tan v neck cashmere sweater

Ann Taylor grey turtleneck top

Ann Taylor woolen a line skirt

Banana republic black super long vest

Phew ! That turned out to $324 .


Sequin grey skirt (whats wrong with me?)

Ribbed Leggings from gap

324 + 56 = 380. Oops.