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October updates.

29 Oct

October has run by and I didn’t really indulge in anything. Also there was too much expenditure on general things, a vacation , gifts for a lot of people, shopping ¬†for general stuff etc. that I was not in a particular mood to spend more. November will be different.

But I wanted to mention an interesting timing budget that I have been trying out . Let me back up, I have been working seriously to achieve a few career goals and was completely burned out by September. So October I was in a major funk (had to work on a lot of monotonous stuff). I heard about the 75-15 method. The way it works is that you work for 75 minutes continuously and then give yourself 15 min break. This incentive is a great motivator to get work done . I have been trying this for about 5 days now with success. I make sure that the 75 mins doesnt include meetings/lunch etc. So in a day I can do perhaps 3 sessions max. Less if there are more than 2 hours of meeting like today. Still, the premise is simple. Work, reward yourself. My 15 mins is almost up..

Still for the sake of completeness and record :

Full length athletic pant – 20

Full length athletic pant – 24

Keds – 32

Slip on sandals – 34

Left for Nov & Dec – $624-110 = $514.