September investments

29 Sep

I have been taking diet, fitness levels, Kid time and most of all career very seriously of late.I created a spreadsheet to optimally engage Ani and categorized them into various learning skills, activities and games. This happened at 11pm one night. I can hardly “waste time” without feeling extremely guilty about it. I’ve been working harder and harder . I am totally burned out from all the hard work and since I am not satisfied I am working even more. I am composing this post today because I know I need to slow down. I find it very hard to write the shallow details of my life here usually but it is especially hard this month. However I find that this shallowness lets me calm down. Anyway, this state of mind did not help in going shopping.

This month I feel I made some investments. I bought 1 very boring blouse ($45 in all) and 2 shoes ($18) out of necessity (2 trips in all) . I returned something for about $50 so this was a low spend month – about $13. I place an order today and although its charged I will only receive the items on oct 1st so I’ll add them to next months list.

Here is the breakdown:

J.Crew tuxedo top – $45

Eason Boat Shoe  – $8 (amazing quality)

De Bengonia Slip on – $10

Total – $63 – $50 = $13

Edit : Joe Fresh Silk Blouse 19 + 10 (alteration) = $29

Joe Fresh Dark Green Top – $23

Quarter : $124 left (not bad I think)


2 Responses to “September investments”

  1. Meena Sehar September 30, 2015 at 11:33 am #

    hmmm..tuxedo top!!!!!good!i am going to google this next.did u chk out naturalizer???they have 80% off

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