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September investments

29 Sep

I have been taking diet, fitness levels, Kid time and most of all career very seriously of late.I created a spreadsheet to optimally engage Ani and categorized them into various learning skills, activities and games. This happened at 11pm one night. I can hardly “waste time” without feeling extremely guilty about it. I’ve been working harder and harder . I am totally burned out from all the hard work and since I am not satisfied I am working even more. I am composing this post today because I know I need to slow down. I find it very hard to write the shallow details of my life here usually but it is especially hard this month. However I find that this shallowness lets me calm down. Anyway, this state of mind did not help in going shopping.

This month I feel I made some investments. I bought 1 very boring blouse ($45 in all) and 2 shoes ($18) out of necessity (2 trips in all) . I returned something for about $50 so this was a low spend month – about $13. I place an order today and although its charged I will only receive the items on oct 1st so I’ll add them to next months list.

Here is the breakdown:

J.Crew tuxedo top – $45

Eason Boat Shoe  – $8 (amazing quality)

De Bengonia Slip on – $10

Total – $63 – $50 = $13

Edit : Joe Fresh Silk Blouse 19 + 10 (alteration) = $29

Joe Fresh Dark Green Top – $23

Quarter : $124 left (not bad I think)


A month gone by

23 Sep

I don’t know how the past month ran by. Actually I do. It was a good mix of vacations, fun times, illness, and a strong feeling like I hadn’t achieved what I set out to accomplish a decade back. I feel better today but I totally lost perspective for a short while. Tech. conference, networking , work lunches helped but what is vital is to set specific targets .

I bought 1 thing this month . My purchase was made rather frantically and was meant for a tech. event.

Fun story: I had a couple of pants altered and wanted to try them to see if they were suitable . I noticed immediately that I had exactly one fitting blouse.I have a few shirts but they looked formal, not business casual(whatever does that mean, seriously!!!). Anyway, the fitting blouse turned out to be a peplum and I didn’t feel it projected me as I wanted to be perceived. So we made a trip to VFM and after trying for an hour I gave up. I finally found the perfect blouse accidentally.

I need more fitting tops to work with all the loose dress pants. What I find is that well-cut, structured pieces that are suitable for work are NOT available as much as floral, flowing, frilly frocks. Its exhausting to go through 10 stores and find that one place that stocks good quality attire. IF you have any recommendations please let me know.