27 Aug

We went on our office picnic yesterday. I ziplined for the first time. It is super expensive to do it yourself so company sponsoring it was good. Also, some of the cool kids went to boardwalk so naturally I went along. It was great to relax near the ocean, playing in the water with colleagues, riding all the scary rides etc. We all had dinner together at chipotle and I just felt soooooo good driving back. Other than the driver everyone was curled up in a blanket 🙂 I didn’t feel strange hanging out with people I hardly know etc. When the kid is there I am usually paranoid about everything and making sure she is fine. It is very good to make time for myself and give myself priority over everything else. I am mentally super rejuvenated for this week..Oh HOLD ON, today is thursday. Badum bum!


2 Responses to “Zip”

  1. the phoenix August 28, 2015 at 11:51 am #

    You like rides?? Me too..R doesn’t and K K is my roller coaster buddy as long as 42″ and above!! 🙂 We should go somewhere together..MK will join as well am sure..

    • balanceoriented August 28, 2015 at 12:03 pm #

      I love rides. I went after 6 years and one of the rides made me queasy but it was worth it. The last time I was at a ride , R and I went together. I was too excited and looking at the people screaming on the ride etc.When it was my turn to scan the bar code I turned back and he had disappeared. IT was so ridiculous! I went alone and that was the first/last time he could dump me. So yeah that’s why the 6 year gap. Absolutely we should go together. I didn’t know that MK liked rides !

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