The elusive art of weight tracking

21 Aug

I’ve never before in my life put any real effort in tracking weight . I use the same system for tracking weight as when I was pregnant with Ani. During routine doctor visits/when going for tests.  So when I jumped on the scale last September,I was in for a MAJOR SHOCK. I’ve gained a significant amount since May 2012 when I posted about being back at pre-pregnancy weight. I maintained a basic diet / walk routine. I presumed this would help me a lot. It didn’t. This January I was still at the same weight as it was 4 months prior. 4 months later there was a mild improvement. However june saw a different me. I finally broke down and bought a scale because , Knowledge==power.

Here are my 2 cents on this already beaten to death topic.

1) Weight fluctuates 2-3 pounds over a day. This is a LOT for a petite person. From my research, a woman who is 30 pounds heavier than me at my height can expect a differential of 6-7 pounds.

2) The difference between gym clothes and newborn baby outfit is zilch.

3) Drinking a lot of water adds a good few pounds in just a few minutes. I was beginning to wonder why my routines weren’t helping (Hint: Measure after a long pee, there I said Pee).

4) I log the second lowest weight of the day as my correct weight. I don’t know if this is “correct” but who is to judge the wackiness of weighing oneself.

5) The second lowest weight of the day for me is after my shower. I seem to drop a good .2-.4 pounds afterwards. Maybe I should pamper myself in the shower with exclusive potions and lotions.

6) The lowest weight of the day is after my evening exercise.


2 Responses to “The elusive art of weight tracking”

  1. the phoenix August 21, 2015 at 9:19 pm #

    I totally understand these fluctuations I usually always look at the weight after pooping (there I said poop! sorry ). I have stopped looking at the scale. I know how I feel when I am really fit and how I am when I am flabby and bloated- R rolls his eyes when I say this- but I do really know how my body feels. I have decided to look at the scale maybe after I become regular with all my exercise! If I look at it now I will start anxiously worrying about the weight and start eating my hair!!

    • balanceoriented August 22, 2015 at 9:46 am #

      No I totally get where you are coming from. Ultimately its just a number and everyone has one so its fine. IF I felt fine I wouldnt look at the scale but I need to get there soon.
      Why are you not positng on whereismyoldbody? Peeps are waiting to read and to be inspired.

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