13 Aug

Now a boring yawn but the kind one lets out when one is content. I must be growing old maturing.

A lot has contributed to this. I find painting utterly relaxing, why didn’t I have any creative outlet earlier? If only I can get 3-4 hours to do a decent one though. Haha, will wait another 14.5 years for that chance. Audible is a great app for those who want to read but don’t find the time. I listen during my commute or when I cook / do chores/ at lunchtime. A book a week, not too shabby at all! The past two months have slowly turned me into an active person (more on that later). I hope I make time to go to the temple but I won’t stress about it. A good saying to remember is “Not now is not equal to never”. The opportunity will present itself I am sure. Vishnu sahasranamam and suprabatham are great to listen to while driving. Sundara Kaandam makes me wonder why Hanuman and I share so many traits . I won’t omit work, since its a vital component of who I am. I absolutely love engineering, especially true FPGA design. I love my current job and the extensive work-life balance it affords me. I think I would do this job even with upto a20% paycut, lets not tell the boss 🙂

Fall will be here in 6 weeks! Autumn is like twilight, since they both occur before the dark period (winter upsets me). However, both are glorious.Oh, my only wish is the possibility of travel. With no vacation left I can’t indulge.Still, I hope something springs up.


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