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27 Aug

We went on our office picnic yesterday. I ziplined for the first time. It is super expensive to do it yourself so company sponsoring it was good. Also, some of the cool kids went to boardwalk so naturally I went along. It was great to relax near the ocean, playing in the water with colleagues, riding all the scary rides etc. We all had dinner together at chipotle and I just felt soooooo good driving back. Other than the driver everyone was curled up in a blanket 🙂 I didn’t feel strange hanging out with people I hardly know etc. When the kid is there I am usually paranoid about everything and making sure she is fine. It is very good to make time for myself and give myself priority over everything else. I am mentally super rejuvenated for this week..Oh HOLD ON, today is thursday. Badum bum!


August spending 

24 Aug

Blue jeans  $40

Prescription sunglasses minus insurance  – $120 out of pocket . Gulp.

I don’t feel like I bought anything in August but how did I end up getting just 2 items  for $160?These big purchases are killing my budget .

This post might be premature because  I don’t think this coming weekend is going to be kind to my wallet .

Edit 1: OK, needn’t have waited until the weekend.

Edit 2: I spent around $200 on skincare/makeup(8 items). I feel these purchases are justified though since I only buy makeup maybe once a year(I mercilessly threw out stuff thats older than a year). Also I had $90 in credits/cash back, so net $110. So I dont know, I am torn on including these in my budget . Still for the sake of completeness it works out to a net of $230 this month.

August :  $418 – $230= $189

This is ok, I dont have any plans for september. Yet.

When curated is about half a globe away

22 Aug

I’ve been meaning to do a wardrobe update since the great purge of 2015. I do my laundry every 2-3 weeks (hangs head in shame) so that means ateast 10-15 tops. I wear my pants/jeans atleast 3-4 times before washing so those are less worrisome. I dont think of my wardrobe as curated, but it kind of works for me.

IL’s are generously doing the laundry now so my closet is almost full except for a couple of clothes in the hamper.

This is my tops section. Wow does it look lackluster! I feel they look better on me though. A point to be noted is that beige, white, black and blue fill about 90% of my professional wardrobe. If they were shirts then one could not distinguish whether a man or a woman owned these . Infact the clothes in the hamper are both beige. Haha. There is some pink in the corner though. These are thrown in for good measure. Also these prove that I am female.

The other half is my casual kurta collection which I relegate to weekends or to run errands. I really like the leggings trend in India. So easy to mix&match.

Oh here hangs the pants/jeans (there are 2 missing pants) but I probably have about 6 in all. And there is a really tiny dress collection . Half of it can only be worn in winter. Out of the other 3, 2 are super form fitting so each piece gets worn once in 3 months. Maybe once in 6.

Ah this is my favorite part . I have 6 pencil skirts and 4 get worn pretty regularly to work in the summer. The rest are all flowing/wrap around type skirts . Other than the silk skirts I use them  often enough.

I didn’t show pics of my top drawer (because you know, STALKERS online), or my salwar drawer or my sweaters. The only thing I wish I had the patience to show is my accessories collection which has grown a lot thanks to gifts,donations and rarely purchases that I made. Oh I do have a sizable scarf collection. 8 maybe. Thats 2 more than the number of pants I own.

The elusive art of weight tracking

21 Aug

I’ve never before in my life put any real effort in tracking weight . I use the same system for tracking weight as when I was pregnant with Ani. During routine doctor visits/when going for tests.  So when I jumped on the scale last September,I was in for a MAJOR SHOCK. I’ve gained a significant amount since May 2012 when I posted about being back at pre-pregnancy weight. I maintained a basic diet / walk routine. I presumed this would help me a lot. It didn’t. This January I was still at the same weight as it was 4 months prior. 4 months later there was a mild improvement. However june saw a different me. I finally broke down and bought a scale because , Knowledge==power.

Here are my 2 cents on this already beaten to death topic.

1) Weight fluctuates 2-3 pounds over a day. This is a LOT for a petite person. From my research, a woman who is 30 pounds heavier than me at my height can expect a differential of 6-7 pounds.

2) The difference between gym clothes and newborn baby outfit is zilch.

3) Drinking a lot of water adds a good few pounds in just a few minutes. I was beginning to wonder why my routines weren’t helping (Hint: Measure after a long pee, there I said Pee).

4) I log the second lowest weight of the day as my correct weight. I don’t know if this is “correct” but who is to judge the wackiness of weighing oneself.

5) The second lowest weight of the day for me is after my shower. I seem to drop a good .2-.4 pounds afterwards. Maybe I should pamper myself in the shower with exclusive potions and lotions.

6) The lowest weight of the day is after my evening exercise.


13 Aug

Now a boring yawn but the kind one lets out when one is content. I must be growing old maturing.

A lot has contributed to this. I find painting utterly relaxing, why didn’t I have any creative outlet earlier? If only I can get 3-4 hours to do a decent one though. Haha, will wait another 14.5 years for that chance. Audible is a great app for those who want to read but don’t find the time. I listen during my commute or when I cook / do chores/ at lunchtime. A book a week, not too shabby at all! The past two months have slowly turned me into an active person (more on that later). I hope I make time to go to the temple but I won’t stress about it. A good saying to remember is “Not now is not equal to never”. The opportunity will present itself I am sure. Vishnu sahasranamam and suprabatham are great to listen to while driving. Sundara Kaandam makes me wonder why Hanuman and I share so many traits . I won’t omit work, since its a vital component of who I am. I absolutely love engineering, especially true FPGA design. I love my current job and the extensive work-life balance it affords me. I think I would do this job even with upto a20% paycut, lets not tell the boss 🙂

Fall will be here in 6 weeks! Autumn is like twilight, since they both occur before the dark period (winter upsets me). However, both are glorious.Oh, my only wish is the possibility of travel. With no vacation left I can’t indulge.Still, I hope something springs up.

More out = Less in

4 Aug

I threw out some more stuff (a trash bag full) from my wardrobe and now I want lesser things that I did before. I need to get a few things altered and a well fitting pant and my wardrobe is good enough. The other thing I “need” is a denim jacket.

Looks like I  have only 2 needs before technically my wardrobe is complete.

Will this work on my heart? Lets see : Uh, more things that are unfit to be in a persons heart goes out. Less external factors are needed to be truly complete. It made sense to me. One has to be kooky though to get it.

Of course, this equation does not subscribe to most situations. For eg, its summer and the one thing I really want is to travel and explore more. This summer has been very active for me and I feel like I am getting fit. But the more I go out, the more I want to. So there’s that.