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July Spending

22 Jul

My yearly cash back from an old credit card came in. When I was in grad school I treated myself to something special and I still do. I hardly use this credit card now but still get something from it every year. So my quarterly budget went up from $500 to $635.

J.Crew Navy Long top – $32

FIGL peplum top – $40

OTBT Kalamazoo butterscotch sandal – $43

Taupe Top  – $10

White cardigan  -$18

The Limited Beige Poly Tee – $26

The Limited Purple Butterfly shirt – $25

The Limited Beige flutter sleeve shirt – $13

Grand total of $207/$635. $418 left for August and September.

Already have huge plans for August. Ahem.


Problem Area? I don’t think so

17 Jul

Why us women gotta disrespect our body ya know?

Seriously though, I saw a lovely lady at the airport who chitchatted with me while waiting for the long lines that only accumulate in front of women’s restroom.  She complained about her thigh’s (too fat she said, I disagree , she was perfect!). I agreed to not always liking how I look. She enquired “oh whats your problem area?” . I was going to list a lot of things but somehow I just smiled and we parted ways shortly.

I keep going over this conversation though. I don’t think that there is a part of me that’s a problem. Why should bigger arms or abdominal fat be an issue? I am working on slowly improving these things but I like who I am . Why don’t men look at each other and analyze their negatives? Are women supposed to be concerned more about their body image that anything else? I’d like to think that is not the case. I don’t have an answer but I had to ask these questions. I dislike that my daughter has to battle some things that I went through in my 20’s.

Canadian Vacation

16 Jul

Our recent trip was sublime.

Things I am checking off my list:

-> Walking on/standing on glacier.

Wow, right?

Wow, right?

->Seeing black bear up close. We saw a black bear cub 10 ft from our car. He/She was busy eating berries.I dont have pictures for this unfortunately,

But here are some species of deer

But here are some species of deer

-> See the greenest lake possible. Google moraine lake if you dont believe me.

This was green, but this pic is from late in the evening.

This was green, but this pic is from late in the evening.

-> Relax. Yup, this is a thing and this time I did relax, for a good while.

Ani and I gazing into the beautiful waters

Ani and I gazing into the beautiful waters