Step 1: Taking stock and making space

30 Jun

Spring Cleaning

In the month of March I spring cleaned my wardrobe. Clothes that were super old, had to mended etc. saw the black pit also known as my trash can. I folded all my winter clothes and put them away. There was some clarity appearing in my wardrobe. Yet I found myself utterly unsatisfied with the result.

Dawn of common sense

Yesterday I looked through my closet and realized I actively avoid sections. In fact when I hang my clothes I hang them in sections like “Favorite”, “Possibly wear during weekends” and “Forbidden section”. So I made up my mind to experiment from the forbidden section the next time. Today I took a dress which belonged in the aforementioned place and tried to work it in. Its actually tailored to fit. I tried it as a dress, as a skirt and even as a top. No accessory could save it. RIP dress. So I spent a good hour looking at my wardrobe and removing things that I never wear. I didnt make up my mind as to their fate. This really helped because if I thought I would discard them at some point, then some of the clothes would never have come down from the hanger. 

Good Progress

I found 20 items that I haven’t worn in almost 7-8 months . Actually over 75% of these clothes have been touched in a year. Most of it was “given” to me . Here is what happened to them:

1) Discarding: 5 bottoms , 10 tops, a scarf and a dress.

2) Giving away – 2 tops to my SIL. 1 linen pant with tags to my BFF.

3) Possibly sell – a fancy dress and a silky tank (in size 0, sigh!!!).

A lot of bloggers have the above categories. I added another one.

4) Vacation (heheh) – To this pile went really cute silk tops/cotton tops, floral tops etc. Call me an idiot who is in denial and you may not be very far from the truth. Still, I do enjoy wearing these clothes in Hawaii, to the beach or in the woods. Just not to work.

I am not done yet. I still have to throw out one more dress and a couple of tops. They went into my laundry this week, not because I wore them previously, but I badly wanted to get rid of the dust and smell that clothes accumulate when just standing in the same place forever. There , I said it.

In 24 hours, I will get rid of my BHP. Borderline Hoarder Personality.


2 Responses to “Step 1: Taking stock and making space”

  1. samakris July 2, 2015 at 6:23 am #

    Can you try my formula. Keep aside dresses which are good for one more use before discarding. Pack them on vacations and discard after use. That way you are spared the bother of huge laundry after vacation. Probably, your baggage during return may also be lighter!

    • balanceoriented July 9, 2015 at 10:06 am #

      Nice idea!! I did throw one top out like this . Wonder why return packing is harder than starting for a trip.

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