What I bought in April

27 Jun

In April I was vacationing in India. This time I refused to but any long kurtas or handbags or jewelry(thank god!!) .

I bought 4 kurtis and two salwars. One was a coveted white kurti which I have longed for.  I was gifted 2 more by my parents. I was gifted a salwar and 2 kurtis by MIL. Oh and I took a few of current pieces and had them altered. Finally I broke my resolution to buy any western clothing and ended up with a cotton chino pants and a powder blue jean.

Here is what I spent:

Coveted white kurti – Rs.700

Salwars – Rs.2400

Kurti 2 – Rs 700

Kurti 3 – Rs 1000

Kurti 4 – Rs 800

Cotton Pants – Rs 700 (70% off from cottonworld)

Brown metro shoes – Rs 1500

Allen Solly Jeans – Rs 3000

Earrings – Rs 240

All together – Rs 11,000 = around $180

Month of April – $180


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