My little accountability corner

27 Jun

I just browsed through my shopping from the past few months and my eyes glazed over. I am setting a budget for myself going forward. Also, this past week I kept looking at my closet and realized that I gravitate towards certain patterns for work. For weekends I am pretty casual. Given that I plan to work as long as I am in California its time I streamlined my purchases.

I find that I indulge in bursts and hence $500 per quarter sounds good enough.

Q:What will it cover?

A: Tops, bottoms, jewellery/watches, handbag/accessories, luxury personal products etc.

Q: What is not included:

A: Undergarments, regular routine personal care purchases, birthday/anniversary gifts etc.

I will make it a point to never exceed my budget. If I want it badly, it will have to wait. If I dont spend the allocated amount in that quarter then it will carry over to the next .


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