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18 Nov

I think I should update this blog frequently. This is a space where I dont have to restrict myself to Kid related stuff, parenting etc..

Life events:

1) Since I previously updated the blog we have lost 2 family members (his cousin and his grandma). I often grieve for the 16 year old boy and thoughts about this kid crops up at the most random times. As for the grandma, she had a good life and was very loved, respected and said it was her time. RIP both of them.

2) We bought a house (modest per bay area circumstances).The only thing I can say is that pros and cons are EQUAL for home owners. I wish someone had truthfully shared perspectives about home purchase with me. I plan to be blunt with anyone who asks me for this knowledge.

3) As for work, I now think of it as a job instead of a career. This has yielded good balance between full-time working and non-working.

I’ve made a lot of positive changes to life.

1) Temple visits are much more frequent . Reciting vishnu sahasranamam gives me good peace.

2) I go on a brisk walk with my work friend everyday. Physical exertion has helped with sleep and getting rid of negative thoughts.

3) Cultivation of hobbies: I occasionally take my bike our for a spin (even just 15-20 mins) to ward of negative feelings. I can sew so I spent sometime fixing some clothes. Gardening has turned to be a passion, no fun activity. I love raising plants.

Working on:

1) Shyness/Introvert-ness-  I was recently snubbed at work by a colleague (female) and was very confused since I got the feeling that we were on friendly terms. For once in my life, instead of giving up I worked up the courage to ask her what wsa wrong. I was ever so surprised at hearing her say that she found me rude/inconsistent when actually I was too shy and that always comes across as rude. All of my BFF”s now have at somepoint told me that they thought I was rude/mean. I think I am yet to meet some of my best friends in life and hopefully some 30 somethings feel the same.

2) Signing up for Classes.  I have got to start signing up for classes and actually turn up.Hectic schedules notwithstanding life is more than parenting, more than being an employee and having a family right? RIGHT?

3) Physical Activity. I can’t believe that there was a time when I was captain of basketball team in my school. I won’t let people who try to negatively impact me influence me anymore on this but I am so glad that things slowly materializing on this front.