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Quinoa bowl!

6 Mar

Lunch today:


Quinoa bowl tossed with Sliced Avocado, Kale cooked in tomato/onion sauce, Parmesan cheese and Onion sprouts. Taste was OK but I think it packs a nutritive punch!


Food experiments

5 Mar

My only goal these days is to make food quickly. I find that if there is batter at home then my family can subsist on idly,dosa,paniyaram and idly upma for dinner for a LONG time. Thankfully we ran out this past weekend and I’ve had to make proper food. Other than our usual sambar and rasam I’ve been enjoying some culinary experiments. 


Per Mk’s suggestion I tried oats dosa (this is SO TASTY and easy to make!). I chopped onions and grated a carrot to give it a different texture/color. It worked out great! Also once in a while I make her fig milkshake (I add original maple syrup to this instead of sugar) with strawberries, for color again, and this is so delicious. 

I tried a new channa recipe and was determined to not do any blending in the steps and the gravy was not chunky. 

I made the orzo soup again with yellow squash,asparagus, kale, tomato, onions and cannelloni beans. This time I skipped the broth/bouillon cubes completely and instead fried some Herbs de Provence in garlic roasted olive oil. Suffice to say I will be making this again.

Also tried a version of the summer vegetable curry. This is a KEEPER ! Seriously impressed and its so easy to make. I only had squash,yellow pepper, green beans and carrots in hand but it was still amazing! 


Before the IL’s left I attempted to make persimmon pie. It was a disaster. The crust came out well but it was far too creamy, tasted like burnt fruit and I shudder to think of the wastage. Bottom line, persimmon is probably best consumed as a fruit. 

An attempt at a Hot and Sour soup recipe turned out sour.