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Planning a 2 year old’s birthday party

25 Oct

can cause a mother to experience joy, confusion, fear, anxiety, frustration, anger and suffering REALLY soon. I am so torn between whether happiness is to be targetted at adults or children, order unhealthy/tasty food vs natural, average food, games for children vs engaging circumstances for adults ¬†etc..etc… Keeping my eyes open for ideas.




The art of relaxation

22 Oct

is UTTERLY lost on me. This vexes me to no end because I finally have a lot of time in my hands. I envisioned myself going to Yoga classes(don’t like doing yoga at 80F), taking walks(weather is not conducive), enjoying with gf’s(don’t have gf’s close-by or they’re at work full-time) , shopping etc.. but instead I run around like a monkey getting work done. Apart from the normal household duties I’ve added to my list: paying bills, calling said bill companies, planning for the next tax season, hunting for a good daycare center, organizing the entire home, cleaning the house 10 times a day, ironing clothes, grocery shopping every other day etc…I cannot think of a single fun or relaxing thing to do that doesn’t equate ‘wasting time’. I am definitely in a major funk these days. I am so bored!