Lavash sandwich with fresh hummus .

11 May

This is the easiest thing to throw together and the best thing is you can choose the level of scratch-ness.


Fava Bean Hummus:

Grind Fava beans blanched & double peeled – 1 lb + garlic (2 cloves)lemon juice ( 2 Tbsp) + salt + olive oil (2 Tbsp) + cilantro (1/2 cup loosey chopped) + Tahini (2-3 Tbsp)

Tahini sauce: (Can buy readymade)

Grind Sesame seeds – 2Tbsp + salt + lemon juice + sesame oil(2 Tbsp).

Refried Beans : (Can buy readymade,)

Dry pinto beans soaked & cooked + garlic (1 clove) + cumin + salt

Fry onions and wait till they brown, add the well cooked beans & cook until done. Mash with a heavy ladle.


3 Avocadoes, flesh scooped out & mashed + 1/2 cup tomatoes + salt


Spray with oil & toast.

Assemble lavash, add a scope of beans , guacamole, pour hummus on top & add cheese/sour cream. This is beyond yummy!

For an extra kick, spray oil and bake the lavash at 425 for about 10-15 mins or until the lavash hardens. Then break them into small pieces and toss everything together like a salad.




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