Better value for money in skincare/haircare

11 May

A few years back I used to spend $200+ every month on skincare. It was quite bad. Now I spend less than a quarter of that but get better results. If you are looking to become more minimalist then here are some things that I’ve tried and replaced with better / same results but for a fraction of the cost.

1) My absolute HG product for hair (have used for 6+ years). Phytodefrisant . I would say this replaces all other hair products like this one & this one both of which do not last that long. I can say 25 different good things about this. However this is translated wrong. It is simply a de-frizzing agent NOT a straightener which is all I care about. A tube lasts me 6 months. If it doesn’t then you are using too much.

2) HG skin care product. For years I’ve used this as a body salve for winter. It is friggin’ expensive so I use it frugally and a tub lasts me a winter. However I recently bought this one from Bath and body works. This is actually the EXACT same product (maybe there exist differences in the way the butter is purified but customer is not gonna see anything) for less than half the price. Also doubles as a lip balm + hair mask(have a recipe for this) which I no longer buy.

3) HG shampoo with sulfate : I typically use this kind of shampoo once a month to get rid of buildup. I am going to stick my neck out and say this is the *same* as a $25+ bottle (product is < 3/4 of suave shampoo) of shampoo with sulfate. I never use conditioner with silicone so will skip that category.

4) HG good shampoo/conditioner: Anything from Aubrey organics will work. This is definitely a better option than the $30+ stuff from Lush. But the quality is similar and the conditioner is actually loads better. Trust me.

Tip: You can not get more basic than this. $10 for shampoo + $10 for conditioner. Will last a year. Does a decent job on normal hair but my hair needs extra conditioning as I use dry shampoo occasionally. Also, the conditioner doubles as body scrub. To the conditioner just add some white sugar & 2 tbsp olive oil.

5) HG face serum/cream: After trying several stuff and going back and forth I am convinced that for my skin type this serum is remarkable.

The good thing about using good products is that I am hardly ever tempted to try anything new anymore. And the amount of empty space in my cupboards is amazing.

My only weakness these days are these: Last time I went to santana row I picked up 8. No kidding. So so good, all natural (once you open it you use it up in < 6 months, preferably 3). I use these if my shaving gel runs out or if I am travelling.

Let me know which product has helped you downsize.


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