Workplace Problems

1 Mar

How do you learn to give your boss bad news? After working very hard this week I found a problem that can only be fixed by spinning a new revision for fabrication. This adds a couple of weeks.  I hunted for him for 30 mins before giving up and realizing that I have to give him bad news on a Monday morning. Who wants that, RIGHT ?

And the thing that annoys me is the massive amount of effort requirement for me to debug this in just 1 week.

Update 1: I didn’t think about this the whole weekend and now, while getting ready for work, I am quite worried.

Update 2: Phew! That went well. Boss took it in stride, discussed solutions,laughed about something and made a molehill out of a mountain (I thought it was so). I bet that should inject some perspective into my overcrowded mind.


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