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29 Mar

I had an interesting experience this week. There is a forum I frequent (but don’t post much) after work everyday.  I don’t particularly participate on all topics , just the ones I need information on(travelling, investments etc). In all my time there I have less than 20 posts while some women post that much a day (who has time for THAT?) .

Anyway this week I mentioned a fact about India(didn’t mention by name, just ‘my home country’) whilst saying nothing about U.S. One woman(who has well over 5000 posts) jumped on me saying that my opinion on US was false. I responded and pointed out that I had given no opinion about US but was stating what I knew. Another woman quickly defended her, told me that the fact on ‘my country’ was wrong and asked me to stay on topic. I hesitated to reply and eventually ignored it.

Now, this got me wondering about bullies – the ones that always stick to each other and try to kick you, insult you , call you names, assert their opinion etc.. When I was young I was bullied A LOT for being skinny. I used to confide in my mother and with her support I have largely stood up for myself or ignored them. I grew past that stage and thought most people did. Today  though, I was surprised to see that these women , well past their prime , trying to intimidate me. I wasn’t upset because I know how to tackle bullies. For instance , in this case, an American woman was telling me that my knowledge of my home country is inferior to my own. But how many people know this? I learned an important lesson. Some people never grow up.

How do you tackle bullies (in real life or in cyber-world)


Quick Recipes

29 Mar

This blog doesnt have much viewership/comments but I am actively looking for quick things to cook. Here is our dinner staple. This week and next week I am eating lunch outside(hangs head in shame). I dont have time to make lunch for next day despite the fact icook dinner in 30 mins or less.

Weekday recipes: These are the following which take least time that I have to put in , nevermind soaking times.

1) Upma – 2 mins to roast rava + 5 mins to chop veggies + 10 mins to ‘cook’.

2) Semi kichadi – same as above.

3) Adai – 5 min to soak + 2 mins to grind + 5 mins to add chopped veggies. Making them is a breeze.

4) If I have batter

  1. Idli – 5mins prep . 5 mins for chutney.
  2. Dosa – No prep. Making directly , but have to make more.
  3. Uthapam – 5-10 mins to chop veggies but

5) Pulao – Hubs chops veggies. I soak rice in the meanwhile nad grind masala. Takes 15 mins to finally close the lid.

6) pasta/soup – i have stopped making these (maybe do it once a month) because it takes 20 mins for me to chop veggies for either.

See? I dont seem to spend much time cooking. So where am I going wrong? Why dont I ever have time to make lunch for next day? How do I multitask? Its a pain in the bum to drive out to get food (my cafetaria food sucks majorly).

About 2 months late

3 Mar

Some resolutions for the next couple of months.

1) Goto my dentist regularly and finish all dental work. I will not let time off from work or my busy schedule affect this anymore.

2) Eat home cooked food 75% off the time during week days when I need more energy. i.e out of the 10 meals I will only eat out 2 to 3 times.

3) I will spend sometime for myself in the form of some physical exercise and will not let disorientation or shakiness dissuade me.

4) No.3 is a tough goal for me since I am always working around the house, husband or child and don’t spend time for myself. If I don’t follow it sincerely then I will at least give up chocolate for 6 months.

5) No new purchases until memorial weekend since I have a full closet with quality products and also since I blew too much last winter .

Some successful resolutions since this new year.

1) Have maintained a clean environment in my home. Of course this has necessitated daily wipe downs of the kitchen, bathroom and maintaing order in the house but it feels priceless to live in a neat home (compared to what we were last year).

2) Sticking to Indian food. I am happy to report that whenever we have had food at home R&I have subsisted on foods we ate as we grew up. I feel Ani should learn to enjoy the wonderful variety that is part of our cuisine.

3) Eating dinner by 7:30 pm . Last year we were chastised by our family doctor to eat dinner 3 hours before sleep. This is finally happening.

Workplace Problems

1 Mar

How do you learn to give your boss bad news? After working very hard this week I found a problem that can only be fixed by spinning a new revision for fabrication. This adds a couple of weeks.  I hunted for him for 30 mins before giving up and realizing that I have to give him bad news on a Monday morning. Who wants that, RIGHT ?

And the thing that annoys me is the massive amount of effort requirement for me to debug this in just 1 week.

Update 1: I didn’t think about this the whole weekend and now, while getting ready for work, I am quite worried.

Update 2: Phew! That went well. Boss took it in stride, discussed solutions,laughed about something and made a molehill out of a mountain (I thought it was so). I bet that should inject some perspective into my overcrowded mind.