A love note to summer

7 Jan

Dear Summer,

You are far away. It is just the first week of Jan now. It feels like winter has been here forever and I actually just returned from India and went on a long vacation to Hawaii. So I wasn’t even here that much. Winter finds me cooped up in the house most of the time. Now, some people celebrate winter and go skiing, hiking in the extreme cold etc.. I just happen to crib all the time about the mind numbing cold, the ear infections, bad cold,  the desire to sleep/watch TV all the time and the anger at having to venture outside. Factor rain into the equation and I transform into a drama queen. Now,  if I have said any cross words about you or the heat you bring do forgive me. I miss your warmth.  Come back early this year. I know you will after all global warming is here to stay. Am I right? Yeah.




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