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On the other hand,

31 Jan

Here is what happened today.

As you all know, I am big on lists. I consider it an necessity to be organized. So a colleague of mine wanted some details on my work and promised to send me a list to collect the info. And I receive the list a short while later. It contains 661 rows with 10 columns. I am supposed to fill in 3 columns for all the rows.  <Shocked, annoyed, irritated>

I used to call it organized. Now I want to call it tedious. laborious. tiresome. irksome(ok that is not true but I want to be mean). Wont be making lists with multiple columns anytime soon.



28 Jan

Our family has been in a dump lately. Yesterday I asked myself ‘What inspires me these days?’.  Not much apparently. So I have been on a quest of sorts. This is what I came up with. Some things to look forward to.


Baked Quinoa patties – Heidi Ranks first, as always. I’ve named her ‘The honest cook’.

Soup to beat the weather – I came across this website a while back. While she uses tempeh etc.. in her recipes which makes me wary I love her ideas. Plus the photography is brilliant.


A couple of book I am hoping to read shortly.

Rebecca – Daphne de Maurier

The alchemist – Paulo Coelho


Oh I long for these red rocks, white sand beaches, glaciers, rainforests and stunning valleys. I have had enough of mountains so will pass on them. lol.

Things that add color to life:

Colorful scarves , bright belts and sweet ballet flats are on the list for February.

Misc :

I look forward to spring cleaning the house . 3 more months for Tamil New year!! yay! 😀

Stress shopper

21 Jan

This past week the baby has been sick. Apparently this is what I ended up with :

1) A white merino wool cardigan.

2) Multicolored acrylic sweater

3) Gifts for Amirtha, Artha, Smrithi and Srinidi.

4) Pair of  brown leather boots

5) Black dress

6) Gift for a newborn

7) Gifts for my pregnant BFF (When did i become impatient?)

8) 100% Pure bodywash and Scrub for myself (I usually only gift these).

9) Eyecream (I dont wear any cream other than my basic moisturizer so I am still racking my brain for this one)

10) Wrap around dress (Because we all need 5 of these)

11) Couple of Glitter eyeliners from LUSH (By now you should have learned not to ask)

12) Oh and THIS diaper bag. It is Friggin Awesome and yeah I need therapy for wasting money.

I can’t remember the last time I bought so many damn things. I usually purchase 2 things at a time. I think we may have a stress shopping scenario at hand.

Why are children so active when they are sick?

16 Jan

Parents, I implore you to share your wealth of info on this. Does this mean they are okay? We have fever and cold but I can’t wrap my mind around either because she is running rampant.

Happy Pongal!!

14 Jan

This has been a wonderful year. I feel so blessed! To celebrate we have engaged in a food fest. Yesterday for bhogi we had ‘Ven Pongal’, ‘Kathirika Gothsu’, ‘Akaravadisal’ and ‘Kovil thayir saadam’. Today we had ‘chakarai pongal’, ‘kadamba kuzhambu’, ‘vaazhakai karamidu’ with saadam. Keeping up with our customs , I dyed a thread yellow and tied manjal around the paatharam in which chakarai pongal was made. How was your pongal? What did you do to make it special?

Edit: Yesterday for Kanu ( On Tuesday) I made avial, puliyodarai and pudina sadam. At 9pm I realized that I’d forgotten to keep Kanupidi. So what did I do next? Keep kanupidi. 🙂 All in all it was a proper pongal this year with 3 days of gourmet food. Maybe that is why Ani got sick last night.

A love note to summer

7 Jan

Dear Summer,

You are far away. It is just the first week of Jan now. It feels like winter has been here forever and I actually just returned from India and went on a long vacation to Hawaii. So I wasn’t even here that much. Winter finds me cooped up in the house most of the time. Now, some people celebrate winter and go skiing, hiking in the extreme cold etc.. I just happen to crib all the time about the mind numbing cold, the ear infections, bad cold,  the desire to sleep/watch TV all the time and the anger at having to venture outside. Factor rain into the equation and I transform into a drama queen. Now,  if I have said any cross words about you or the heat you bring do forgive me. I miss your warmth.  Come back early this year. I know you will after all global warming is here to stay. Am I right? Yeah.



Rainy days..

5 Jan

Why is it always bright and sunny during weekdays when one is cooped at work ? Why is it that weekends receive the brunt of bad weather?

Today, a saturday is no exception. What do you all do to stay warm and fuzzy inside? I am cooking hot pongal and chutney for breakfast. Then we will have an awesome traditional fare for lunch. In the evening we will stay cozy and I will try my best to entertain the kiddo. And experienced mothers, kindly list some activities to keep an almost 14 month old duracell baby occupied. Right now we sing, dance, run from one room to another by way of playing peekaboo and occasionally play with toys/ read books.