Selfish or smart?

20 Dec

I am home a little early today from work. There is a thought that plagues me a lot these days. Should I bring the little one to be home with me one these days or should I just let her hang out at her daycare. It is always nice to have the kiddo at home. I can actively engage her, play with her, feed her good food etc..On the minus side it is next to impossible to get ANY work done. Forget cooking. OH also, I run out of ideas to stimulate her for more than 2 hours.All I have to say is that I am totally in awe of stay-at-home mothers.


One Response to “Selfish or smart?”

  1. meenasehar December 20, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    hmmmm :(….
    the exact same thought is nagging me too :((((
    and this is what I’ve been thinking about SAHMs too.hey are reallyyyyy really awesome

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