18 Dec

I am taking care of Ani paapa at home today since she is sick. She is asleep in the master bedroom. I am working in the hall. All of a sudden I hear a noise …’Dadadada….’. It occurs one more time. I summon the courage to investigate. It is her caterpillar toy making some sounds from the second bedroom. How spooky right? Glad you agreed. I prayed to chakkarathazhwar.


One Response to “Spooky”

  1. Thelastphoenixsong December 18, 2012 at 10:45 pm #

    OMG..this used to happen with K’s jumper..even when it was off and there was noone on it sometimes it would play music..I used to pretend it was not there and wouldn’t make eye contact with the monkeys that were strung on it! šŸ˜› šŸ™‚

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