14 Dec

I haven’t blogged here in such a LONG time! That doesn’t include posting obscene amounts of baby clothes.

Lets see, first I was managing to stay afloat after Ani’s grandparents left, then I was travelling and then it has taken 2 weeks to just settle in. Phew! Parenthood is hard.  The last couple of weeks hubs and I have been so busy with rearranging the house, entertaining family, had a mini-celebration for Ani paapa, getting the house treated for silverfish, grocery shopping since our pantry was empty, unpacking 4 giant suitcases from India and discovering a serious space crunch (Next time I am going to take 3 giant duffel bags and one suitcase from here. On the way back I will stuff all the duffel bags into the suitcase) . Imagine my surprise today morning when I realized our home looked like New Orleans after Katrina. So much stuff. I put away some coats , caps etc.. to donate.


Anyway, with all of this going on we have been eating scrap meals except on saturdays and sundays when I try to get some good food. Think Rava idly, pasta with quick sauce and cheese, Upma, idly, dosai etc… Yeah, we’ve been in food hell. Part of the blame lies with how tired I have been. I had so much energy back home in India and here the cold weather has sucked so much happiness out of me. I broke the spell last night with this FANTASTIC recipe from the talented Heidi. I think this is the 5th time I mention her name. I honestly feel that she is the ONLY food blogger out there who cooks real meals. I always wonder if some bloggers cook the stuff and then eat a quarter of what they make (or they’d die of cholesterol and sugar problems) or if they toss if out entirely or if it is all in jest. The recipe is so versatile that my whole foods bought pre cut butternut squash worked perfectly! The mister took a photo and I will post it soon.


One Response to “Recap”

  1. meenasehar December 14, 2012 at 10:54 pm #

    You guys are doing GREAT!!!!!!Nice recipe btw.

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