Things I love about India

6 Nov

I LOVE Chennai during monsoons. It feels magical to be here. The rains, the overcast weather,waking up at or before 7am, not having to make my own coffee, relatives visiting us ALL the time (both at my IL’s home and my parents’ home), making pleasant conversations, walking to the temple 15 mins away, having 10 doctors in a 1km radius and the convenience of stores nearby. I am glad I won’t be back for 3 more weeks.

Oh, and I am definitely growing old. The part of that complains about the pollution and traffic was muted. I did notice the helpful people and the kindness bestowed to me at various places. People are only as kind to us as we are to them and this is a turning point for me.

Have to add, I came with an agenda and half of my list is accomplished. What kind of an agenda? Ahem…here we go: Fresh Elanir, sapota, seetha pazham, sevazhai, flavored milk, 3 varieties of halwa and  ALL savories from grand sweets have been tasted. Yay. To do : Taste Nungu, soanpapadi (sp?) from grand sweets, seema elandai, mongoostan(sp?) etc..Now what have I forgotten?


3 Responses to “Things I love about India”

  1. meenasehar November 6, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    Inspiring post about India and am glad you are actually having fun there.
    OH WOW!!!!II love the list of Indian food you’ve listed.You absolutely must try ‘panang kizhangu’ – extremely nutritious.

    • balanceoriented November 13, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

      What is this kizhangu? I didnt get it anywhere. Send me a picture?

      • samakris November 18, 2012 at 6:50 pm #

        Let me introduce an element of balance.

        Thanks to the absence of hysterical “malpractice” laws, every doctor in India (consulted by you during the past month) gave not only a certificate of being in the pink of health; they went further and declared “you will never get into any serious health problem”- a wise observation resulting from long experience in attending to FAMILIES. An observation that I believe 100% and wish today’s rational and over-educated generation will also have the capacity to understand.

        In spite of the skepticism, worry about health issue never reached panic proportions; remarkable in the light of nagging allergy issues.

        Stray dogs and cattle are worrisome, but stray deer in hordes in the kitchen garden delighted the little one.

        Every need, bread or fruit or electronic goods or even jewels can be bought within 5 minutes’ walk. But the catch is the walk is either “dusty” or ” slushy”!

        One very satisfying result is the observation by relatives that you are being such a caring, patient, mature mother- remarkable for a former “daredevil”!

        Of course the highlights of the visit are the smooth conduct of the two celebrations (which actually stretched for five days), the “once in a lifetime darshan” at Tirumala, and the introduction of the new family member to all eager relatives.

        Ananya totally delighted all by her sociability, mirth, curiosity,and mischief. Running after her may be physically tiring, but mentally refreshing.

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