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Does a baby need all these clothes?

30 Nov




The husband and I need places to goto so that we can dress her up in all these pretty clothes.


Going thru the daycare problems AGAIN

29 Nov


Things I love about India

6 Nov

I LOVE Chennai during monsoons. It feels magical to be here. The rains, the overcast weather,waking up at or before 7am, not having to make my own coffee, relatives visiting us ALL the time (both at my IL’s home and my parents’ home), making pleasant conversations, walking to the temple 15 mins away, having 10 doctors in a 1km radius and the convenience of stores nearby. I am glad I won’t be back for 3 more weeks.

Oh, and I am definitely growing old. The part of that complains about the pollution and traffic was muted. I did notice the helpful people and the kindness bestowed to me at various places. People are only as kind to us as we are to them and this is a turning point for me.

Have to add, I came with an agenda and half of my list is accomplished. What kind of an agenda? Ahem…here we go: Fresh Elanir, sapota, seetha pazham, sevazhai, flavored milk, 3 varieties of halwa and  ALL savories from grand sweets have been tasted. Yay. To do : Taste Nungu, soanpapadi (sp?) from grand sweets, seema elandai, mongoostan(sp?) etc..Now what have I forgotten?