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First Week of the vacation

21 Oct

was spent being sick. The entire family came down . Am still sick and very upset. šŸ˜¦ Hope the rest of the our vacation is better.


Busy Mom?

8 Oct

I received a phone call from Ani’s daycare informing me that she was out of diapers a day back. I promised to bring them some immediately and hurried home. IT was supposed to be 2 mins stop. Instead I started the coffee decoction, soaked for adai, boiled milk, cleaned all the trash bags and took them to the dumpster, made my coffee to-go , checked mailbox and then grabbed the diaper and came down. In <10 mins.

Now I am thinking ‘That coffee sure was a good idea”.

A bad day is when

3 Oct

you wake up in the morning at 12:01am and find your baby has fever. It gets worse when you wake up at 4:30 to find your baby with a 102 fever,blabbering incoherently and unable to sleep. Nothing can make one feel as bad as a) A fever that simply won’t disappear. b) A happy child who becomes dull and rests her head between playing .

p.s : Please recommend any cold remedies. I don’t know how to give her the relief she needs.

So long San Diego..

2 Oct

We visited SD this past weekend.. I have lived there for almost 3 years so being there brought back a lot
of memories.
Great moments:
1. Checking out the cottage at idylwild, eating icecream sundaes, cooking pasta with family, watching a
little movie, walk to downtown and drinking coffee at a hippie coffee
2. Oh, being sooooooo excited at seeing pappu , P and S the first night.
3. Watching a little bit of a realllly bad scifi movie. Especially having company since R hates the genre.
4. Eating P’s home food on sunday.
5. Hanging out at starbucks by La Jolla and enjoying beautiful SD weather. I was teary eyed and
nostalgic since this particular store was on the way to my ex office.
6. Playing silly games with my sweet niece.

Blah moments:
1. Extreme heat on the way back.
2. Ani hurting her nose and bleeding .
3. Ani got fever on sun morning. She is yet to get well despite being givenĀ acetaminophenĀ every certain hours. R and I are still feeling bad about this. It is so disheartening to see her dull šŸ˜¦

All said and done I miss family. Especially my darling niece. I’ve held her and played with her so much when she was little and just the idea of having fun with her is beyond exciting. I am always pleasantly surprised with something new that has learned.

The wonderful thing about it is that one doesn’t need material things or
external stimulus to be happy…just the idea of being near my family makes me content. Here is to hoping
for more such times together.