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First Mini-family Vacation

23 Sep

Last week appa & amma (R’s parents) left for India. R and I trudged through the rest of the week feeling dull. Both our work were hectic. Ani baby whimpered a lot. She also had a cold. At the last minute we booked hotels to Lassen to escape the drudgery of life. And it was perfect.


1)      Crossing the bridge during our evening drive and taking in an amazing view of red sunset, being able to view the stars after a long time.

2)      Throwing stones into the water,making our lunch-to-go into a picnic by the lakeside.

3)      Staying in the pseudo rustic room, eating in a charming café, making up adventurous meals.

4)      Kickass hike to see hot springs despite having been thwarted out of parking the first time around.

5)      Surprisingly nice rest area.

6)      Oh it would be remiss if I didn’t mention Ani’s superb co-operation. I cannot believe that a baby can be content to be with ME of all people.


I have to mention that we had burgers(yes, as in the plural), pizzas( yep! Multiples again), Danish pastries(hehe, do we see a pattern?), icecream, French fries, 3 packets of lays chips, potato with butter, chocolate and sandwiches. I am so OVER tasty and unhealthy food.

Blah Moments:

1)      Stuck in traffic for well over an hour as soon as our vacation started.

2)      Having to explain vegetarianism  (its 2012 folks seriously!)

3)      Giving into Indian food craving on the way back and eating at Saroor Indian Cuisine. Yuck!


Lesson from a 10 month old on waking up somebody from sound sleep..

21 Sep
  1. Growl/Scream/Bark for god knows how long until you get the attention of said sleepy person.
  2. Lick the eyes and cheek. This is a sweet ruse to make the target stop pretending that she is still asleep. In all likelihood said target will smile.
  3. Quickly poke the eye. Just go for it! If both hands can function at the same time then poke both eyes (phew! for now only one eye gets hurt).
  4. Smile at the subject and melt the scowling subject’s heart.
  5. Without skipping a beat, yank her hair.
  6. Target is probably crying now. At this point, give a saliva filled kissy. Aww… no bite the cheek. ARGHHHHH! Yep, kudos to a job well done kiddo.

Humongous House Task List

20 Sep

MK shared a blog post a while back w.r.t home projects. I wanted to start after IL’s reached safe, for sentimental reasons. They did, yesterday. So I started mine today .

Immediate Tasks:

1) Take out an entire suitcase of clothes (mostly mine but has maternity pieces & R’s as well) and add them to current wardrobe .

  • I quick-cataloged(word I’ve made up) all our western clothes (casual & good ones), Indian clothes and winter wear. – DONE
  • Need to arrange everything between 2 sets of hanger space, 2 chests and 2 hanging shelves. I expect to have plenty of space.
  • Finally, my favorite part, need to get rid of overused items and outfits that have far exceeded their CPW(cost-per-wear).
  • I am also going to put expensive clothes in the place I will reach the most so they can start justifying their price. Hmph.
  • Oh, I also arranged all of my jewellery at the bottom of my bathroom shelf. I am so happy this is done and I can finally do justice to under utilized earrings, chains, necklaces, pendants etc. I have over 30 pairs of earrings and I am pretty sure that most of these things were gifts. I probably bought like 10% of what I own.

2) Re-arrange Kitchen so that it is set to my cooking ideas.

  • I had a head start on this on Sunday. I started by filling my most used groceries in front slots. – DONE
  • Need to hide 6 person utensils at the hind corners of my unreachable shelves (seriously, kitchen designers need to start thinking out-of-the-box).
  • Need to put half of my 8 person cutlery set in storage.
  • Need to clear out the oven and make space.
  • Need to put away stuff that I will use once a fortnight in storage (I might have to conjure up storage). These include grinder, panini maker, spare parts for my awesome food processor etc.
  • Clean the pantry and take stock of urgent items. But I have my list so this has to be easy.

3) Come up with a system to deal with Ani’s toys, clothes, baby gear.

  • Clean Ani’s crib which is filled with crap.
  • Buy a new diaper bag. This one will tear shortly.

4) Clean the house.Despite listing this at the bottom, cleanliness ranks higher than orderliness in my mind.

  • I meticulously cleaned the kitchen, sink, microwave glass plate and stove-top last night. This only needs to be maintained henceforth – DONE
  • Also cleaned my refrigerator and threw away expired cheese(s), jellies, sauces and some unidentified stuff 😀  – DONE
  • Still need to basic clean the rest of the house/vaccum etc. But all this will only be done for a few weeks. After that our regular maid will start coming and taking care of this. Seriously, this is the best idea that R ever had.

5) Stock the refrigerator and freezer.

  • Before MIL left I made some sundried-tomato paste and froze it in ice cube trays. I popped them and wrapped them in aluminium foil and placed them in the freezer. I use these individual packs in pasta, soups, sandwiches, stews, casseroles etc for flavor.
  • Also froze some cooked Cannelini beans and Black Chick peas.
  • TODO – Freeze some sauces/lentils and  legumes.

Phew! What a tiring and need I say boring to anybody other than me list. But there ya have it!

Thoughts this morning

17 Sep

1) Ani and I cannot see parents off at airport since our car cannot accommodate 5 people. I would usually drive the Jetta but my license expired yesterday. It never rains but pours.

2) Did Ani mess with my laptop? Because the space-bar is stuck and I am hitting it so hard.

3) Can I finish debugging this impossible bug?

4) Will be just R,me and Ani for the first time in 11months (with a break of 6 days in Feb when my parents visited bro) . I’ve transitioned from being scared, depressed, irritated to brave in 1 week. I think the next feeling will be ‘overwhelmed’

Calm down KJ.

10 Sep

Routines with baby

8 Sep

I spent about 30 mins googling and reading through forums ..the topic? “Working parents routines with infants/toddlers”. Not much info. out there. I am collecting tips etc..

I am going write a summary of what I read + my own here.

  1. Try to not worry about food/nutrition too much. Survival is key the first few months. It is OK to eat out . Fat = stored energy.
  2. Expect to be groggy on most days. In other words I am glad I haven’t quit coffee yet. Hehehe So much for  this!
  3. The overwhelming feeling is normal. Write things down so that errands & tasks aren’t forgotten. It is OK if all things don’t go according to plan.
  4. Home needn’t be sparkling clean. Basic cleanliness and orderliness is important but don’t overdo this. Engaging baby and providing a nurturing environment is key.
  5. It is important to keep track of priorities in life..Family, happiness, health and god. Rest come later. Try to maintain a humorous attitude when plans go awry . If I see the humour in the situation  there maybe hope for me yet.

I need practical tips though. please share..For instance

  1. Make some part of the meals ahead and freeze or refrigerate.
  2. Make lists. So far I have grocery list, baby items list, easy cooking list, uniform list- this is more of what laundry & ironing to do every week. Need lists of errands (post office runs,credit card bill paying, rent etc..)
  3. Ideas for maintain baby friendly environment. Also how to engage baby while doing tasks.
  4. How to refresh and be more productive at work.


Edited to Add: I sound a little paranoid in this post.

Playlist today morning

7 Sep

Ani baby is sick (Thanks daycare!) so I am listening to songs from the 90’s. Reminds me of when I was sick and bunking schools.

1) Usilampatti penkutti – Gentleman

2) Aathangara Marame – Kizhakku Simayile

3) Pennalla Pennalla Oothapoo – Ulavan

4) Oyila Paadum paatula 

5) Putham pudhu boomi – thiruda thiruda