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Countdown begins

26 Aug

I had a fantastic weekend , read tons of shopping, family time with a quickie visit from bro,s-i-l & niece  and winding down after lunch with extended family. Oh before I forget, a kick ass game of carrom board with the family. To me this is the acme point in the next 2 months. As we drove down after dropping my uncle , aunt and cousin at their room I felt really down. I came home and spent the next 90 minutes packing / cleaning like a crazy woman to try to forget the fact that my IL’s are leaving for India soon.

I didn’t want to sound depressed and I have been avoiding this post forever but the feelings exist so a post is only fair. Whenever I have family staying over with us I grumble so much at their departure. I guess easy goodbyes are a myth. I mentioned to R “Hey, in a few weeks I won’t be motivated to going out. I won’t feel like shopping. When we come home from work there will be no one at home”. I am going to miss amma and appa so much. I hope the baby won’t be deprived of her grandparents.

Also, when I think of the insane amount of work that needs to get done before Dec 2012 I feel nauseated. By the time I am done with the goodbyes etc.. it will be winter. Let’s face it. It will be cold outside. Sun sets by 4pm. Vacations are a joke. No No, Shake it off Girl. Shake off the bad vibes. Any advice people?


I’ve found it

23 Aug

a perfect pair of corduroy jeans/leggings. I am in love. It all started a few weeks back when I saw this in an online sample sale. The size was 2 sizes more than my usual size(eg: if you normally buy a 2 or 4 then this was 6 or 8). However,it was priced perfectly. The color lured me.  I longed for a good fitting pair of skinnies. And then I saw the dreaded words “1 pair left”. So I sized up generously and felt that this was destined for me. I do shop online atleast once a month but I try to stay away from ordering bottoms. Especially on my post-pregnant body. Anyway, let me stop being dramatic and tell you that this is the BEST pair of bottoms I have purchased in the past 3 years . It fits like a glove . It is SO SOFT. The color is luscious. Figuratively of course. The quality is superb. No open threads etc. And finally, these are skinnies for a curvy body . No awkward shape. Next time I see this I am ordering in all colors. SO SOFT I tell you guys.

If you want to splurge then check out this link. .

Golden words

20 Aug

These golden words were uttered by appa when I mentioned lagging behind in the rat race.

‘The rat race takes place in the gutter’. Kaboom!

Pearls of wisdom by Velukudi swamigal that I want to remember forever

19 Aug

1) Geetai padingo ellarum. Perumal irukar pakathula. Sogathai vitutu sandhoshama irukanum. Perumal solrar apdi. Irundhalum sogama irupennu sonna avan oru muttal.

2) 5 to 8 years la paisa sethu kongo. Periya kaal eduthu vechitu na inga unnum sambadikanum nu solladeengo. Namma oorla vandu divya desam lam sevikalam. Perumal dhan ellame indha olagathula.

3) Pangini Utharam bodu seva pannungo.

4) Eppavum perumal ku edavdu seyngo. Apdi ishtam illaina, illadavanuku seyungo.

5) Perumal kitta inniku charanam nu sollungo.

6) Thirupavai la aandal epdi perumal sevikanum nu soliruka. Daily idha vasikanum


New experiences

19 Aug

On Friday and Saturday we had the wonderful opportunity of listening to upanyasams by Velukkudi Krishnan Swamy. I am so glad that we managed to make it . A lot of life lessons were learnt . His discourses were easy to understand and I felt that at last there is one vedic person who doesn’t make everything seem vague and open to 10 types of interpretation. While several phrases are stuck in my mind, I leave you with the one that appealed the most to me. ‘Kutram illama irunda podum jeevathmakal. Paramathma mattum dhan kurai illama iruka mudiyum’. Hare Krishna!

A good feeling

13 Aug

is what one gets when one has been working so hard doing office work. I’ve been hitting 8/8 hours a day (working extra/ weekends etc..) for the past couple of weeks and I feel so good about myself.  When you’re making a list and checking it twice, you find out whether you’ve been naughty or nice (at work). 🙂

Listomania..or Listophilia ?

10 Aug

That would be me. I am leaning towards the second term to describe my obsession with writing lists…Share your obsessions please?