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Trying to quit coffee again

30 Jul

This will be my third attempt. First time I was ‘clean’ for 10 days(back in 2009). The second time was during my pregnancy , when I had severe aversion towards coffee. So I went sans coffee for a grand total of 34 weeks. I started quickly postpartum as a way to ‘cheer up’ and to stay alert. But I’ve realized what I am too proud to admit. I can get addicted to coffee quickly. The one cup in the morning doesn’t seem enough. I crave one at 1pm and another at 4pm and have to get my ‘fix’ at work. Sometimes I’ll conveniently forget to mention this at home and get one at 6:30pm. Enough is enough. I am going to quit coffee as a habit and I am hoping to get to the point where it will strictly be a recreational drink on simulated long drives. Heheh..have to thank my Bro and SIL for the feeling.


Powerful Phrases

25 Jul

I maybe wrong w.r.t spelling

“ஆள்கின்றான் ஆழியான்  ஆரால் குறை உடயம் ”

” Kesavaklesa nasana:”

Trading Problems

25 Jul

Everyone has some problem in life. If you don’t see it then it doesn’t mean that their life is perfect or trouble-free. Who knows? It might be a marsh but it just means that they are unwilling to let you see that.

I bring it up today because I keep running into people who have this attitude “WOW, you are so lucky. I don’t have this”.

See this is a vicious cycle. People want what the others have.  Most of the days we can wake up, look beyond our troubles and indulge is something else. I have my share of troubles and don’t want to bring them up on public domain. But on those unlucky days, I try to keep a positive outlook and be cheerful. Because, there is someone in this world who would rather have my unknown troubles.

Is my daughter stronger than what I think?

4 Jul

We went on a hike to Mission Peak park yesterday. I expected to reach the first bench and then make the return. But we made it up to the final bench! What made this hike unique was that my baby was on my back the whole time (except maybe a few minutes on everyone’s arms).


1) Baby wanted to eat just ONCE in the 4 hours.

2) The ascent was great and I had a great time. I love it when random strangers compliment my baby. What mother doesn’t?

3) But once we reached the top I became paranoid. With good reason. The sunlight was disappearing fast and we started the descent well after dark. I was so afraid that the baby would wake up and scream (this is why we can never take a walk after dark. She screams and screams until there is some light). She did wake up as expected. Surprisingly, quarter way down , she was still calm and had a great time looking at the moon. I can’t explain it well but her serenity calmed me down a lot and I finally relaxed enough to have fun.

4) I still struggled to maintain balance though. Unlike everyone else who could walk slowly, my feet wouldn’t let me go at a slower pace. R suggested that I try to hike up and down more often. Good news: My energy level was almost the same. Bad news: I almost ran the way down. I just COULDN”T slow down. Well, it is definitely something to work on.

The one thing I did learn yesterday and perhaps the silver lining to the whole experience was my baby’s calm demeanor. I am still shocked that she didn’t cry or fuss at the darkness. I am looking forward to taking the baby on twilight walks and I hope that eventually she will co-operate during night time.


How do you build stamina?

2 Jul

This past weekend I learned a couple of things:

1) I get totally out of breath if I bike from work to home.

2) I get dehydrated if I am not drinking water every 30 minutes.

3) Taking oil bath on empty stomach (just coffee) is enough to make me feel dizzy.

The caption for this post should have been “How out of shape am I?”. This is actually a great reality check for me because I have been working out a lot in the past month. I am planning to tone down a little bit . Also, I did a google search on improving stamina.

Top search result:

I probably only follow 1 and 6. I am glad there is scope for improvement. If you have any tips leave it in the comments below. I am all ears.