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Please tell me I am not alone..

29 Jun

For I get SOOOOO Excited for parties. The other day while waiting for MK , SK and K (haha) to show up I left the room without my skirt ON and then had to run back into my room before the MIL saw me.


New experiences

27 Jun

-> Riding a bike around where I live.

-> Carrying Ananya on my back (on the meitai).

-> Taking a dip in the sauna. So sweet of the hubs to accompany the paranoid, mildly hydrophobic wifey into the water. Never mind that I ONLY stayed 5 mins. Sigh!


Thought for the day from my dad.

25 Jun

My dad sends me good thoughts to help me stay positive, especially when I am physically at a low point. I loved this one and wanted to share.

“Sugriva, the monkey king helped Rama in his search for Sita.  Vibhishana deserted his brother Ravana.

Even a monkey will help the righteous.  Even a brother will abandon the unrighteous.”




19 Jun

Little did I know that typing the words ‘Grand Canyon’ in youtube would unearth a whole series of videos like ‘Top 10 beautiful place in the world”, “100 places you need to see before you die”, “Top 10 beaches in the world” etc.

Now, I am sitting at work and dreaming of being everywhere. The truth is that no one can see all beautiful places in the world. But it is a wonderful feeling to look at all the pretty places in slides. Thank you dear god for creating the world.

p.s – I know this post is so corny but I can’t help myself. Nature does that to me.

Happy Birthday to me!!

12 Jun

Yesterday was my birthday..364 days till the next one 😦

This birthday holds a special place in my heart because Ananya had the kindness to join us. I feel blessed.

Delightful Moment – Expected the serviceman to enter the door at 8:30pm. Instead all of our friends showed up with a cake in their hands too! I was shocked. A mosquito might have entered my mouth. So glad that I get to share my birthday with everyone. I am ever so grateful for my thoughtful husband.

Beautiful Moment – Raja handing me a lovely card just before I got into the car to leave for work. I’ve opened it and read it 10 times in the car already.

Also, left work at 4pm to come home and hang out with the baby and MIL. R and I went for our usual walk and I carried A on my back successfully. She slept halfway through our walk. Double Success!

Later we went out to ‘Temptations” for the traditional birthday dinner. We wanted to walk around mountain view downtown but baby had other ideas and we all ended up at home. But I am definitely taking amma there this weekend.

All in all it was an awesome day. But I did miss appa, amma, S, P and Schwani.


Weekend Photos

10 Jun

Baked multigrain pasta with summer veggies

Cherry pie with flaky crust


Cherry Pie Recipe:

Crust Recipe:

Pasta Recipe:

For the pasta I used store bought chunky marinara (From Wholefoods).

Need coffee

7 Jun

I need a good latte right about now. The break room coffee pots are empty and the cafeteria closed just as I was about to enter. How am I supposed to design a board while on zero caffeine levels?