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Apparently a 6 month old..

31 May

needs 6 cupboards of clothes. This months loot from Gymboree…Also bought another cupboard (not shown) to store more stuff.


First Family Vacation

29 May

Phew! We’re back  from our first mini-vacation with Ani baby (well got back on Sunday evening) .

  •  Baby stuff: Little one slept well both nights. Yay! Of course, because of the long detour we took on the way back she was dull the whole of yesterday. Driving with a baby is tough work. We stopped nearly every 30 mins or so. Max we drove without a break was probably an hour.
  • The not-so-nice things: Last minute hotel booking meant terrible hotel in Morro Bay. Couldn’t do: Whale watching cruises, shopping in local fair, play in the beach too long. Also multiple bad food experiences.
  • Highlights of trip: Singing “Chippi irukkudu muttum irukku” with R and doing the whole male/female interchange thing. Being spoiled silly by the husband. Enjoying quick coffee cups at Starbucks and top dog cafe on both mornings.
  • New things experienced: Spotted lots of orange/Pink wildflowers. Drove along the beach. Saw a giant artichoke farm. Shopped in a boutique in U.S  . Drove along the coast for nearly 6 hours factoring in all our breaks.
  • Thoughts: Didn’t spot a diaper changing station ANYWHERE in our entire vacation. Travelling with babies is probably taboo in this county. Being in a mall for more than 45 mins can give me severe migraines. There was no need to unload the car in such a hurry. In hindsight I should have waited for R to help me. Also, unpacking everything within half an hour  of being back was major overkill. Next time I need to pack healthy snacks. Not so healthy that I do not want to consume them.


Love this one

24 May



24 May

Since memorial weekend is sneaking up I decided to finally to go on a vacation. I chatted with R yesterday and quickly planned the vacation and booked the hotels. Imagine his surprise when he came home last night and realized I was done with half the packing! Heheh..  I wonder what it is like to live with someone who gets an insane amount of adrenaline rush at the thought of NOT being at home. I am glad I’ll never know…

Anyway, as a first time mother, I resorted to writing giant lists (using templates of course). I am more than happy to forward this to fellow paranoid mums. Oh of course MIL doesnt wear pants or shirts but I just wanted to have something for generic purposes.

Also I am guilty of thinking about this again. I naturally have all the ingredients in my pantry and want to take this with me in the car. Gosh I am so excited …

Edit: God , I can’t believe I haven’t vacationed in almost a year.

Click here to download the template.


23 May

I woke up today morning and thought “Boy I need another silk scarf”… No No.. I don’t need one more. I just want it.



First Mothers day

14 May

On Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and packed us a breakfast of some sandwiches and carrot/mango juice. As I was dressing Ani, R dropped an envelope addressed to me from ‘Ani’ since it was Mothers day. It felt amazing! We then set out for a small walk to the neighborhood park. We had a great time, sitting on the benches and munching on my homemade Baked potato, Carmelized onions and Pesto sandwich’ .  Of course we had to head back soon since the baby wanted to sleep. All in all it was an awesome start to the day! I get such a kick out of having a picnic.

p.s- Next time around I am packing thrice the amount of sandwiches though. R was famished by the time we got back home. I wallowed in wifey guilt for a while…

How pregnancy lowered my immunity..

1 May

I used to get sick once a year. That was before pregnancy. Now I am falling sick every month it seems. I have been sick from last evening and I am not getting ANY relief. I was feeling so blessed 3 days back and raving in my private journal. Now I am cranky , angry , exhausted, sick and just want to feel normal. Want to skip work tomorrow. 😦

Oh and on that note, can we get rid of the stigma that sick people should Work from home JUST ONE DAY(And to top it all I had to goto for 2 hours today)? I need a week to get over my infection. Seriously. One look at my pathetic face should have shown you how I feel. American workplace be damned.