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Sandwich Heaven

30 Apr

This past Saturday I was grocery hopping and along with the regular food items picked up French Bread, Lavash  and Laughing cow spreadable cheese. I am not a fan of these things but the ingredients didn’t seem bad. I was planning to make my usual Orzo soup . I was boiling water when I spotted a perfectly innocent Fennel bulb, some ripe avocados and a Meyer Lemon. I quickly made the soup but skipped on the orzo. Instead I roasted the fennel , made an avocado paste with fresh lemon and a wonderful sandwich was born. This is a keeper. It is filling, delicious , quick to make and probably nutritious.

Roasted Fennel and Avocado Sandwich


1 Fennel bulb

1 large ripe Avocado

Good quality French bread/ sourdough would work as well.

Spreadable Cheese / Mayo

2 Tbsp EVOO

1 heaped Tbsp Pesto (I used my homemade but you can use store bought ones)

1/2 white onion cut into thin rings

Juice from 1 Lemon

a handful of Cilantro

1/4 tsp Paprika

Salt/Pepper to taste


Cut the Fennel into small wedges . Toss it with a tablespoon of EVOO , salt and roast in the oven for 20 minutes @ 350 degrees. I used my toaster oven and cooked @375 degrees. The fennel gets cooked evenly and browns every so slightly.

Mash the avocado and add another tablespoon of EVOO.  Add salt, pepper, paprika , cilantro, lemon juice to this and keep.


Toast the bread first so that it is easy to work with. You know the drill. Spread the cheese on one side. Spread the avocado sauce on top of this. Place the roasted fennel on here. Add some onions. Spread the pesto on the lid. Close and toast in a panini grill.

Bon Appetit!

I’ll come back and upload a picture tonight.


Why do I get hungry at 3:30am?

28 Apr

I can’t wait for my early morning hunger pangs to go away. It is ridiculous, having to get up at 4am and eat all kinds of unhealthy snacks. Bourbon cream biscuits and leftover Vadams be cursed. Bananas-> I want thee but I finished the last one of thou kind just yesterday.

But I must feels good to be up and not have the baby awake as well..heheh

Last week in Amrus Kitchen

27 Apr

Herb rice and roasted vegetables with salted yogurt.

Minestrone Soup

Spring pasta with purple cauliflowers & tomatoes

Herb Rice Recipe:

Minestrone Soup:

Pasta – Own recipe. Leave me a comment if you are curious.

1 to 7

24 Apr

I’ve noticed that some of the happiest things in life are free and I am determined to not take them for granted.

  1. Sunlight streaming  through the window.
  2. Moon framed across the blue sky.
  3. Finding a great blouse handed down to me.
  4. The embrace of a loving family member.
  5. Going to sleep after a long tired day.
  6. Shadow of trees dancing to the wind, cast on my living room wall.
  7. Answering the phone and the joy of knowing that someone took the time to call you.

7 off the top of my head (1 for each day of the week). I am going to take a picture each day of these wonderful things and upload them. For free too. 🙂

My heart breaks for this girl.

24 Apr

We donated @

Let’s open our hearts and save her.


Ponytail girl.


23 Apr

I know what I want to do next weekend. No shopping. Relaxed cooking. Stop treating the home as hotel and try to catch up with a movie . Because this weekend we went out so much that I’ve lost track of all things done. Naturally this means my legs are giving out on a monday morning.

I have to mention though, R treated me to this dress and this skirt (the skirt is 96% cotton and 4% spandex. Not 96% polyester as mentioned falsely in the website). He dragged me through the mall intending to buy me summer outfits and we left Amma and Ani @ home. At one point though I was reminded of Ani so much that we had to go back.

I miss the days of helping my SIL shop though. I do love running around the store picking up different sizes , making myself useful, the nce feeling I get seeing others try beautiful clothes, offering helpful inputs etc. Sigh! I can not wait for my daughter to grow up and start wearing outfits that don’t include elephant-printed onsies, rabbit-print onsies, any animal printed outfit in general over a giant diaper.

Edit: With a bench like this next to home, I can’t believe I don’t spend more time here.

That familiar tug…

19 Apr

I’ve hit one of those phases where I am dying to learn something new, constructive and not time-consuming. In fact, one of the things that  I love about blogging, is the level of introspection that is enabled through the act.It is a constant reminder of visiting new places, experimenting with new recipes, learning to photograph using the DSLR (from the Mister), learning to read Sanskrit(I am only now learning to identify the letters), practicing a greener lifestyle. I hope to be inspired by my readers.  If you have suggestions for me, please leave them in comments!