Quintessential Cauliflower

29 Mar

This is in my mind the best way to eat cauliflower. It draws on the idea of cooking cauliflower in a North Indian fashion sans heavy cream, paneer and over-cooking. For best results the cauliflower is cut into as minuscule florets as possible and added as the last item so that the sauce envelops the vegetable but the freshness and nutrients of the vegetable are preserved. I served it with rice, dhal, poppadom, and pickle. But I don’t see why it cannot be a side dish for roti.


To Saute:

  1. 4 cup of cauliflower florets
  2. 1 medium onion – Finely chopped
  3. 1 medium tomato not too ripe- Finely chopped
  4. Cilantro for Garnish
  5. 3 Tbsp Oil
  6. 1 Tbsp Ghee
  7. Salt to taste


  1. 2 Tsp Cashews
  2. 1 Tsp of Red chili powder
  3. 1 Tsp madras curry power
  4. 1/2 Tsp of turmeric
  5. 1 Tsp Cumin
  6. 1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
  7. 2  Green chilies
  8. 2 cloves of garlic
  9. 1/2 cup of coconut
  10. 1 heaped Tbsp Ginger
  11. Mint leaves (optional)


1) Grind all the ingredients for the sauce together. If you don’t like any particular spice then don’t add it. This is important because I detest the taste of coriander in some dishes and skip it altogether. Add water bit by bit just enough so that you can grind. If you have fresh mint, add a couple of leaves as well and grind.

2)  In heavy bottomed pan, melt the ghee and oil. Add the onions and saute just until it changes color. After 2-3 mins add in the tomatoes and stir well.

3) Cook for about another couple of minutes and mix in the sauce. Let this simmer over the heat for 5 minutes until the whole base comes together .

4) Now add the cauliflower, salt and a cup of water, give it a whirl and close the pan with a lid. Cook for about 8 mins and then remove the lid and cook until desired tenderness.

5) Garnish with cilantro and serve.



2 Responses to “Quintessential Cauliflower”

  1. meenasehar March 29, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    what is a madras curry powder???
    and this recipe is very similar to my vegetable salna recipe …fragrant and tasty…yummm!!!

    • balanceoriented March 30, 2012 at 9:17 am #

      Its a curry powder available in American health food stores. Unlike Garam masala it has a mild yet delectable flavor.

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