Inspired by NPR

5 Mar

I usually listen to NPR while driving and last week I heard a segment on bringing up girl children. According to the broadcast, in the past 10 years, fewer females attempt to take up leadership roles because of the immense pressure they face. Part of this is their growing belief that they have to tackle leadership responsibilities while looking hot. It went on to say that girls as young as 3&4 years old can be seen arguing about ‘who is prettier’ these days. I was saddened and immediately resolved to dress my baby girl in as much gender neutral and blue colored clothes as I can. I have never felt inferior to any man and I certainly didn’t go through my younger years with the burden of trying to look perfect. I’ll try my best to raise my daughter so that she’ll be innocent at least until she hits puberty. If she wants to be a princess I’ll remind her that what endears us to Cinderella is her sweetness of nature and not her ball gowns. After all, what set Cinderella apart from her beautiful step-sisters was her genuine regard for other beings and not her looks.


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  1. rachael January 22, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

    Where is the ‘LIKE’ button? I like this post and wanted to let u know..
    Have a nice day.. 🙂

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